All You Need To Know About Marhaba Oman By The Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism

by Deeplata Garde
All You Need To Know About Marhaba Oman By The Oman Ministry of Heritage and Tourism

Oman is one underdog Middle-eastern country that has scenic beauty to explore. But not many have an approachable perspective towards this country’s tourism as the glam is less compared to the Emirates. In order to promote the cultural value and tourism of this country, the Oman Ministry Of Heritage & Tourism has an event in mind.  Titled, ‘Marhaba Oman’, here’s a complete guide to understanding what it is all about.

What Is Marhaba Oman?

For a small country like Oman, promoting its tourism sector is very crucial to attract people. We know FIFA World Cup is soon to happen in Qatar, not very far from Oman. So this is the vital span to publicise Oman tourism to attract tourists to explore this beautiful country. Hence, Marhaba Oman came to light.

The event also serves as a venue for recognising and supporting initiatives that advance the travel and tourism sector, as well as for anticipating joint partnerships and strategic alliances that will provide Oman with a competitive edge and draw in more tourists.

There will be a number of gatherings, conversations, seminars, and debates during the “Marhaba Oman”. They fall under the category of tourism and history. With the help of hotel facility managers, travel agencies, regional airlines, and more, Oman’s tourism services will see improvement.

What’s The Cultural History Of Oman?

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Oman is a very forward-thinking country that is proud of its particular architecture, customs, and traditions. Modern concepts complement older ones in Omani culture. Ruins of protohistoric towns identify historic trading locations.

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Ancient irrigation systems show our ancestors’ resourcefulness while striking fortifications recalling a time when rivals fought for dominance. Visit museums or souks to see examples of their craftsmanship. The skills vary from making ceramics, textiles, and silverware to raising camels, breeding horses, and building boats.

5 Did You Know Facts Of Oman

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  1. The Sultanate of Oman covers an area of 309,500 square kilometres and settles near the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
  2. The sombre tower of Nizwa, which is almost 30 metres high and 110 metres in circumference, is the largest ancient tower in the Arabian Peninsula.
  3. With 45 kilometres of beaches and headlands, the Ras al-Jinz Turtle Reserve safeguards 120 sq km of unspoiled coastal habitat.
  4. At 3,009 metres above sea level, Jabal Shams is Oman’s highest point. Our “Grand Canyon,” Wadi Nakhr, can be seen in stunning detail from here.
  5. Sharqiya Wahiba Sands is an ultimate adventure close to Muscat.So this time is a win-win situation to visit Oman with a helpful guide by us to plan your holiday.

So book your tickets to explore this beautiful country which has a perfect blend of culture and heritage.

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