Slovenia Becomes The First European Country To Declare An End To Its COVID-19 Epidemic

by Gizel Menezes
Slovenia Becomes The First European Country To Declare An End To Its COVID-19 Epidemic

After a long struggle against the coronavirus, some good news has finally emerged from Europe!

Slovenia has become the first country in the whole of Europe to declare an end to its COVID-19 outbreak, the announcement for which was made by the Slovenian government after it saw a dramatic slowdown in new cases.

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Slovenia Declares End To COVID-19 Epidemic

Announcing the good news to everyone, Prime Minister Janez Jansa said, “Today Slovenia has the best epidemic situation in Europe, which enables us to call off the general epidemic.”

Taming the epidemic in over 2 months, the country officially marked an end to its epidemic after authorities confirmed less than seven new cases each day for the past two weeks.

As the country climbs back to normalcy, it has relaxed border restrictions and opened its borders to people from other European Union states. In fact, now, people coming to Slovenia from the EU states no longer need to go into a 7-day quarantine, something that was mandatory earlier for anyone entering Slovenia.

However, those arriving from non-EU states are expected to mandatorily undergo quarantine for at least 14 days. Also, foreign citizens exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter the country.

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Slovenia Will However Continue To Follow Social Distancing Measures

While lockdown measures in the country have ended, people are still required to follow the general social distancing rules to prevent the resurgence of the virus. Wearing masks, even in indoor public spaces, has been made a compulsion so has maintaining a distance of 1.5 m (5 ft) from one another. However, public gatherings still remain banned.

To get life back into the country, Slovenia plans to resume football and all other sports competitions from May 23. The government is also expected to open up shopping centres and hotels so people can come out and have a good time!

For those who do not know, Slovenia is a country in Central Europe and is known for its mountains, ski resorts and lakes. It has a population of 2 million and it shares its borders with beautiful countries like Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary.

Declaring an end to an epidemic is the best achievement any country can have! As Slovenia becomes the first European country to achieve this, we hope that the other European countries follow suit too!

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