Smaller Than A Football Field, Sealand Is The World’s Smallest Country; It Even Has A Jail!

by Shreya Rathod
Smaller Than A Football Field, Sealand Is The World’s Smallest Country; It Even Has A Jail!

We have heard of the Vatican City being the smallest country in the world. However, there is another country which can be referred to as the smallest country! A micro-nation called Sealand is situated in the North Sea, some 6.5 miles off the coast of Suffolk, England. During World War II, the old offshore platform was constructed in 1942 to defend the coast against German bombers.

Sealand, A Micro-Nation Located In The North Sea

In order to protect its coasts against German invasion during World War II, the British government constructed several Fortress islands in the North Sea. One of these forts was the now-famous Roughs Tower in the North Sea, which was built of steel and concrete. Former British army major Roy Bates acquired Sealand and proclaimed it a sovereign state in 1967. He created his passports and stamps, identifying himself as Prince Roy of Sealand.

His son Prince Michael used a variety of weapons, including rifles, improvised missiles, and Molotov cocktails, to repel at least seven armed invasion attempts shortly after the country declared independence. By late 1968, the British government had learned of Sealand and the many issues that could arise from a new nation seven miles off its shore, and Sealand would have to fight for its existence on multiple fronts.

A UK government vessel invaded Sealand’s waters, leading to Prince Michael’s defensive measures. Despite being a British citizen, he was charged with crimes and summoned to an English court. The court declared it incapable of jurisdiction, marking the first de facto recognition of Sealand’s sovereignty.

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Prince Roy announced the Principality of Sealand’s Constitution on September 25, 1975. As time went on, more national treasures were created, including the country’s song, stamps, and gold and silver coins that were struck as Sealand dollars. A large number of people who have helped to establish and maintain the Principality of Sealand were given passports.

Internet Connection, Global Community & More!


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Prince Michael received a pitch for Havenco from a group of young American businesspeople at the beginning of 1999. The idea was to set up an internet server farm on Sealand. And people could use it without being restricted by the censorship laws that other countries enacted.

A vibrant global community that unites around a common belief in freedom, self-determination, and adventure comes together at Sealand. Everyone who holds similar values is cordially invited to become a member of their group and formally express their support in a meaningful and entertaining way. Along with helping to preserve what is a true bulwark of freedom for future generations, this project also tremendously assists the current upkeep and regeneration work on our fortress home.

People from all over the world have been captivated by the lively and dynamic culture that the Principality of Sealand has been creating for nearly sixty years. Every year, they organise an intense open water charity swim that takes place in the summer and travels from Sealand to the UK.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

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