5 Snake Parks In India To Visit For A Sssssensational Experience

Encounter serpents of all shapes and sizes

by Nikitha Sebastian
5 Snake Parks In India To Visit For A Sssssensational Experience

India, a land of vibrant culture and diverse wildlife, boasts a fascinating selection of snake parks. Whether you’re a reptile enthusiast or simply curious to learn more about these intriguing creatures, these parks offer a thrilling opportunity to encounter serpents of all shapes and sizes.

 Explore The Top 5 Snake Parks In India!

1. Guindy Snake Park, Chennai


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Established in 1972, the Guindy Snake Park, also known as the Chennai Snake Park, holds the distinction of being India’s first reptile park. Founded by herpetologist Romulus Whitaker, this park is a haven for a wide array of snakes, from venomous vipers to constricting pythons. Not only can you witness these fascinating creatures, but the park also plays a vital role in breeding and conservation efforts.

2. Calcutta Snake Park

Venture east to encounter the Calcutta Snake Park, a pioneer in its region. Established by Dipak Mitra, a renowned herpetologist and wildlife champion, this park offers a diverse collection of snakes, both common and rare. But the slithering residents aren’t the only attraction! The park also houses an array of mammals, birds, and other reptiles, making it a well-rounded zoological experience.

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 3. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park, Kerala

Nestled in the verdant state of Kerala, the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is a haven for snake enthusiasts. Dedicated to the preservation of all snake species, this park allows visitors to witness a captivating array of cobras, pythons, and vipers. The park even features live shows showcasing these remarkable reptiles, offering a truly unforgettable experience.

4. Katraj Snake Park, Pune

Part of the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park in Pune, the Katraj Snake Park takes a unique approach. This park aims to dispel the age-old myths surrounding snakes, fostering a better understanding and appreciation for these often misunderstood creatures. Here, you’ll encounter around 22 species of snakes, including the magnificent cobra and the python.

5. Bannerghatta Biological Snake Park

Located near Bangalore, the Bannerghatta Biological Park offers a sprawling sanctuary for a variety of animals. Within this vast park lies a dedicated snake park section, where visitors can witness a fascinating array of serpents, including the elusive krait. But the park’s appeal goes beyond snakes. Here, you can observe a multitude of animals in their natural habitats, making it a fantastic day trip for the whole family.

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So, if you’re in India and looking for a thrilling adventure, don’t miss the chance to visit one of these incredible snake parks. You’re sure to be captivated by the beauty and diversity of these remarkable reptiles!

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