Soak In The Colours Of Over 5 Million Flowers At Nashik Flower Park In Maharashtra

by Tooba Shaikh
Soak In The Colours Of Over 5 Million Flowers At Nashik Flower Park In Maharashtra

Calling all floral enthusiasts, this one is for you! This amazing flower park will scent up your Instagram feed and provide the much-needed colour to your life! This beautiful park is filled with flowers of different colours and scents. It is a perfect place to spend your day if what you need in life are aroma and pretty flowers! Nashik Flower Park is an innovative new park that features over 5 million flowers arranged in the most creative and unique of ways.

Reasons To Visit Nashik Flower Park

1. Flower Figurines

An ideal destination if you want to spruce up your Instagram account, there are just so many Insta-worthy structures here! From peacocks to elephants, the park features different animal-shaped structures that are all made solely out of flowers. Truly a sight to behold!

 2. Geographical Location

As the name suggests, the park is located in Nashik in Maharashtra. It is right near the famous Anjaneri hills so it is easy to locate, and if you want to go to other sightseeing spots from there, you can do that as well. It is a very convenient place to go to so if you have made plans impromptu and need a destination, you can easily visit this place. 

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3. Water Park Cum Flower Park

An interesting detail about this unique park is that it is also a water park. This move is certainly more environment-friendly as turning it entirely into a water park would have been more wasteful. This way, at least, there’s a balance between the water park and the greenery of the flower park.

4. Food Stalls

nashik flower park
Credits: Flickr

If you get hungry feasting your eyes on the beautiful flowers, you can also feast on the many food stalls available inside the park. Tuck into some delicious and authentic Nashik treats and re-energise yourself for more fun.

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5. Photobooth

It’s a no-brainer that if you visit a place as pretty as this, then you’re bound to click photographs. The park has already taken care of that. There’s a dedicated photo booth in the park just for you to click fun and quirky pictures that you can look back upon later in life with a smile on your face.

When: Every day

Where: Anjaneri Hills

Cost:  ₹300 on weekdays and ₹400 on weekends

 Visit this park with your family and wow yourself with some flowers!

Cover Image Credits: Pxhere