6 Wildlife Resorts To Stay At When Visiting Tadoba National Park In Maharashtra

by Pratyusha Jana
6 Wildlife Resorts To Stay At When Visiting Tadoba National Park In Maharashtra

Fond of jungle safaris? Love staying the nights in a forest? For all adventure lovers, Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra can be an exciting experience. Read on to know more!

Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra
An image of a safari in Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra (Image Source: Pixahive, Photographer Subhradeeep, Creative Common License)

Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra

There was a time when India was fast losing its tiger population to poaching and indiscriminate killing. To protect the tigers from dwindling further in number, right after independence, the Indian government created several tiger reserves. In 1955, Tadoba National Park, spread across 116.55sq. km, became one of the 47 tiger reserves our country has.

Tadoba National Park Gate
Tadoba National Park Gate (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Where, exactly?

Located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state, the park is 150 km away from Nagpur. The nearest railway stations are:

  • Warora Railway Station, 46 km away
  • Chandrapur Railway Station, 36 km away
  • Nagpur Railway Station, 140 km away
Nagpur to Tadoba
A view on the road from Nagpur airport to Tadoba (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Why Should You Visit And When?

It has an exotic range of flora and fauna. And thanks to the tigers, it is a thrilling spot for tourists. From jungle safaris to staying close to a jungle full of wildlife, the place has certainly got its own charm.

  • Best Time To Visit: The park stays open from 15th October to 30th June. Since the monsoons are animals’ mating seasons, like every other National park, Tadoba remains closed. It also remains closed every Tuesday.
Tigers in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
Tiger Maya and Cubs in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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Where To Spend The Night?

Ever since the footsteps of mankind became rampant, hotels and wildlife resorts have started to spring up. For those planning to visit Tadoba, here’s a list of options for you to choose from.

1. Svasara Resorts, Tadoba

Svasara Jungle Lodge, Tadoba
Svasara Resort, Tadoba (Image Source: Svasara Website)

This wildlife resort, 300 metres away from the Kolara gate of the tiger reserve, promises to make your stay as luxurious as possible with its consistent room service. Some of the wonderful services include:

  • 24*7 electricity
  • Outdoor dining under a gazebo
  • Local (Verhadi) and multi-cuisine restaurant

Cost: ₹15500 onwards

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2. Tiger Trails Jungle Lodge Tadoba

Tiger Trails Lodge Tadoba
Tiger Trails Lodge Tadoba (Image Credit: Tiger Trails Website)

This lodge is located in the beautiful Chichghat valley, next to the Khutwanda gate of the tiger reserve. Irai lake in the south, Ambegadh and Khatoda meadows in the east and Katezari valley in the west—it is indeed a spot for recluses amidst nature. Apart from air-conditioned rooms and other amenities, it also offers-

  • Full power backup
  • Bar-b-ques and campfires
  • Outdoor gazebo for romantic dining

Cost: ₹5000 onwards

3. Camp Serai Tiger Tadoba

Camp Serai Tiger Reserve
Camp Serai Tiger (Image Credit: Camp Serai Website)

For wildlife enthusiasts and naturalists, the tented accommodation of Camp Serai Tiger can be a great attraction. Boasting a 4-acre compound, the stay has a spending-nights-at-the-jungle-vibe. 4 km from the Moharli gate of the tiger reserve, the tents are weatherproof and have luxurious amenities for its visitors. You get to enjoy-

  • Semi-tented air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms
  • Dormitories for school camps and large groups of wildlife enthusiasts
  • A resplendent outside area with occasional streams and lakes

Cost: ₹2000 onwards

4. Irai Safari Retreat

Irai Safari Retreat
Irai Safari Retreat Tadoba (Image Credit: Irai Safari Retreat

Irai lake is one of the chief attractions of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Situated just beside the lake, this hotel lets you feel the sweet breeze of the lake. Choose between luxurious suites or tents; you won’t be disappointed. The luxurious suites also come with a minibar. The hotel’s services include:

  • Doctor on call
  • Library
  • Gymnasium

Cost: ₹12000 onwards

5. Tiger’s Heaven Resort

Tiger's Heaven Resort Tadoba
Tiger’s Heaven Resort Tadoba (Image Source: Tiger’s Heaven Resort Website)

Surrounded by the sublime Tadoba forest, Tiger’s Heaven Resort is a favourite of all safari lovers. In this hotel, luxury and rugged rustic opulence shake hands. If you want to experience the best of both worlds and stay very close to the main entrance of the Tadoba National Park, this can be a great pick. The guests can enjoy-

  • Multicuisine restaurants
  • Laundry and parking
  • Rooms with all modern amenities

Cost: ₹4500 onwards

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6. Tadoba Tiger King Resort

Tadoba Tiger King Resort
Tiger King Resort Tadoba (Image Credit: Tiger King Resort Website)

The resort has small bungalow-like cottages and a very quaint vibe. The tariff is reasonable and it has all modern amenities. With gardens on all sides, it has a serene environment and you have plenty of places to immerse yourself in nature.

  • Lounge area
  • Eco-friendly restaurant serving Indian cuisine
  • Air-Conditioned rooms

Cost: ₹3000 onwards

Tiger in Tadoba
Tiger in Tadoba (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

If you love forests, nature, jungle safari, wildlife resorts, and a slow life amidst a serene, tranquil environment, Tadoba is the right place for you. And if you’re a birdwatcher or wildlife enthusiast, going to Tadoba and staying in one of these resorts, will fulfil your dream of waking up to bird songs and sleeping to the call of wildlife.