Sohna-Dausa Section Of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Will Make Reaching Delhi To Jaipur Quicker By 1.6 Hours

by Tooba Shaikh
Sohna-Dausa Section Of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Will Make Reaching Delhi To Jaipur Quicker By 1.6 Hours

The first month of the new year brings hopes of quicker travel to those who commute from Delhi to Jaipur. The new Delhi-Mumbai expressway which promises to make travelling by road easier, faster, and more convenient is delivering what it promised. For those travelling between Jaipur and Delhi, your journey just got shorter. The new Sohna-Dausa section of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway will ensure that your journey is shortened by at least more than an hour.

Delhi To Jaipur By Road Travelling Made Easier

People who regularly need to travel from Jaipur to Delhi by road will soon have access to a quicker route that will help ensure that their commute is completed more quickly than before. The Delhi-Mumbai expressway will soon offer a faster alternative for travelling between the two cities.

Travellers can use the Sohna-Dausa section of the Mumbai-Delhi expressway, which is soon going to be completed. The work of the section is close to 100% completed and though, no official dates have been released, it is hoped that the section will be open to the public in the coming days.

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Sohna-Dausa Section Will Be Quicker Than NH-48

As of now, the distance between Delhi and Jaipur is 277 kilometres but if you use the Sohna-Dausa section of the expressway, the distance increase to 285 kilometres. It might seem counterintuitive that the longer of the two ways is quicker but that is the case, and there is a reason for it.

Earlier, people who wanted to travel between the two cities would have to use the NH-48. The National Highways, due to a number of reasons, slow down fast-moving vehicles. However, since expressways have controlled entries and exits of vehicles and are designed to keep the traffic moving. Since only fast-moving vehicles will have entry to the expressway, it will be quicker in connecting the two cities. It will reduce travel by at least 1.6 hours.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons