Soju And Beer? Bring It On! Try This Simple-Yet-Bomb Korean Cocktail Combo At Home

It's an alcoholic affair in a beer glass.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Soju And Beer? Bring It On! Try This Simple-Yet-Bomb Korean Cocktail Combo At Home

*Knock knock* It’s somaek’o clock! Somaek is a popular Korean beer cocktail which is going viral on the internet for the right reasons. Why would it not be? It’s a bomb dot com recipe to feel the boozy buzz in your cells with the concoction of beer and soju. Somaek is a drink specifically ordered during Hoesik, a notable workplace socialisation outing paired with food and bottomless alcoholic beverages. Hoesik is pretty important in Korean culture and so is the drink, Somaek.

What Is Somaek, The Popular Korean Cocktail?

Somaek is a fantastic cocktail of soju and beer ideally created in a 3 is to 7 ratio. Soju is a famous Korean alcoholic beverage made with rice which is almost similar to vodka. The beer used here should preferably be a lager. The word ‘Somaek’ is a culmination of the words ‘soju’ and ‘maekju’ (Korean word for beer). Hence, the name of this famous Korean cocktail gives it away.

Currently, it is gaining popularity in South Korea and is safe to say, they are not gatekeeping! If you remember the viral videos of soju shot glasses placed on top of two chopsticks laid on a huge beer glass and then dropped into the beer by banging loudly on the table? Yeah, that is the trendy Somaek! Now, let’s make this Korean cocktail at home.

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Recipe For Somaek At Home


  • Soju – 1 bottle 
  • Beer – 2 bottles


  • To make this Korean cocktail take a large glass and fill it with about 70% of your choice of beer, lager is the best one for Somaek.
  • Next, top it off with a shot of about 30% pure soju.
  • Take a stirrer and swirl the drink to allow both alcoholic liquids to be incorporated. It is essential to let the alcoholic content of soju mix with the carbonated fizz of the beer.
  • Remember to tap the bottom of your glass.
  • When the bubbles form and rise to the top of the beverage, you know everything is mixed thoroughly.
  • The rise of the bubbles indicates that somaek is properly done and ready for grand cheers!

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Will you make this easy somaek at your home for your house party?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva
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