Somnath Railway Station To Get Swanky Makeover At Cost Of ₹134 Crore

by Sanjana Shenoy
Somnath Railway Station To Get Swanky Makeover At Cost Of ₹134 Crore

The Somnath Railway Station in Gujarat will be getting a swanky makeover at a cost of ₹134 crores. One of the last railway stations of Gujarat, daily trains to Ahmedabad Junction, Rajkot Junction and Porbandar run from here. It’s nestled just 3 km away from the iconic Somnath Temple. Here’s more to know about the Somnath railway station.

Somnath Railway Station To Showcase Local Heritage

After the revamp, the Somnath Railway Station in Gujarat will have a stunning building facade that showcases the local heritage of Somnath Temple. Segregated arrival and departure lounges will make your travel hassle-free. This station will be developed by implementing a Green Building Concept for Energy Saving. You can witness the completion of the revamped Somnath railway station in two years.

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Picture Credits: Youtube/ Bhakta Das

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Revamp To Boost Tourism To Somnath Temple

The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) stated to Money Control that the upgraded station will boost tourism to Somnath Temple and nearby areas. It will also strengthen fish processing factories, boat manufacturing and rayon manufacturing. And it’s not just Somnath Railway Station, RLDA will revamp 100 other railway stations across India. Meanwhile, watch this video of Kamiya Jani’s Vistadome experience in Gujarat.