Gujarat Groom Gets Lemons As Wedding Gift Amid Rising Food Prices

by Suchismita Pal
Gujarat Groom Gets Lemons As Wedding Gift Amid Rising Food Prices

What is the most unconventional wedding gift you have come across? A groom in Gujarat got packets of lemons as a gift in one of his wedding ceremonies. According to an ANI report, a relative of the groom has said that as the rates of lemons have soared and the demand for the citrus fruit is high, he decided to gift lemons to the groom. The wedding function took place at Dharoji in Gujarat’s Rajkot.

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Groom Receives Lemons As Gift During Haldi Ceremony

In the pictures from the ceremony shared by ANI, we see the groom and his close people dressed in yellow. Also, the groom has haldi smeared all over his face. The pictures reveal that the groom got the gift during the haldi function. Prices of lemons and chillies have become exorbitant in Gujarat’s Rajkot now. The wholesale price of lemons in Rajkot is now ₹200/kg. As summer has already arrived and mercury levels have soared, the demand for lemons among customers has also increased.

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Tamil Nadu Couple Had Received Onions, Gas Cylinder And Petrol As Wedding Gift

Earlier, a couple in Tamil Nadu had received petrol, gas cylinder and onions at their wedding due to the rising prices of these products. They were gifted garlands of onions. A video where the bride and groom were receiving the gifts had gone insanely viral on social media. On that note, Dining Out Across India Will Now Become Expensive Due To Inflation.