Can It Be Safe To Travel To Sri Lanka Amid Economic Crisis?

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis
by Suchismita Pal 547

The pristine landscapes of Sri Lanka allure travellers from all across the globe. The island country is home to lush green peaks, magical forests and gorgeous beaches. But Sri Lanka is suffering from a harrowing economic crisis now prompting tourists to reconsider their travel plans. Nations like the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia have already issued travel advisories for Sri Lanka. India has decreased the number of flights to the nation. Tour operators in India too are advising travellers not to make plans to Sri Lanka now. So, can it be safe to travel to Sri Lanka amid the economic crisis? Here are the challenges you might face:

1. Food, Fuel And Medicine Shortage

Sri Lanka is now facing an acute shortage in the supply of food, fuel and medicines. The limited supply of medicines is leading to long queues in medical stores.

2. Prices Of Vegetables, Fruits And Oil Have Skyrocketed

The economic situation has pushed Sri Lanka to hike the prices of basic supplies like vegetables, fruits, oil and other daily essentials. A litre of coconut oil is now priced at ₹850 in Sri Lanka. Rice costs ₹220/kg in Sri Lanka at present. Milk powder price has jumped up to a whopping ₹1900.

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

Picture Credits: Unsplash

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5. Curfew Might Be Imposed

As per the warnings of the United Kingdom and Canada, curfews might get imposed in parts of Sri Lanka, especially in the capital city Colombo. So, there are chances that those travelling to Sri Lanka might get stranded.

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

Picture Credits: Unsplash

6. Travel Costs Within Sri Lanka Is Expensive Now

Owing to the crisis situation, the local travel fares in Sri Lanka will also be higher than usual. Also, according to The Quint report, many local vendors aren’t accessible now.

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Keeping the above things in mind, you might take your call. Also, Sri Lanka has closed its embassies in Norway, Iraq and Australia.