Son Reacting To His Mom Making Lauki Is Low-Key Relatable; Netizens React

by Tooba Shaikh
Son Reacting To His Mom Making Lauki Is Low-Key Relatable; Netizens React

Lauki or bottle gourds are ubiquitously disliked by all. Its dislike is universal with the possible exception of mothers, who never seem to have any other vegetable in stock. No hate for mothers anywhere, we are grateful to them but lauki for the fifth time in a week is truly gourd-awful. Recently, an interaction between a mother and a son went viral on Twitter because of how relatable it was! Check it out!

Son’s Reaction To Mom’s Lauki Is Low-Key Hilarious

Many say that when you learn to process your emotions in a healthy way, that is a sign of growing up. That’s nonsense. The true sign that a person has grown up is when they start enjoying lauki ki sabzi. So it makes sense why, in many of our households, the only person who enjoys it are our mothers.

A son recently took to the micro-blogging website and shared his hilarious reaction to his mom making lauki. He first asks his mother with caution, what has she prepared for food? It is probably the question moms get asked most often followed by “Mummy! Where is my [thing that’s hidden in plain sight but you won’t see until mom finds it]?”

To this question, the mother graciously furnishes the son with a picture of Lauki ki sabzi. Not wanting to eat the boring food item, he says that he just texted to inform that he has already eaten at a friend’s place. It is safe to say that the son is getting more than lauki when he gets home!

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The Internet Reacts To The Son’s Reaction

The Internet has no dearth of witty comebacks and given a situation so rife with comedic potential, it did not disappoint! One of the Twitter user asks “Beghar hokar kaha jaaoge rehne?” (Where will you go after becoming homeless?)

Another responded by saying that their mother would have responded to the message the following day, highlighting how some old folks don’t use social media as much and often respond late, if at all, to important questions.

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Do you like eating lauki? If yes, who hurt you? Let us know in the comments below!

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