Soon, Flyers At Bangalore Airport Need Not Put Electronic Devices On Trays For Security Check

Bangalore airport is set to start a trial run of the Computer Tomography X-ray machine for passengers at Terminal 2 very soon.

by Shreya Ghosh
Soon, Flyers At Bangalore Airport Need Not Put Electronic Devices On Trays For Security Check

Travelling by flight is always a comfortable journey. Along with the comfort of sitting in cushioned seats and reaching our destinations as fast as possible, there are some issues that tag along as well. From a limited baggage weight to taking electronic devices out of the bag while security check-in, there are many such rules to be followed. Well, a new facility for security checks is starting very soon at the Bangalore airport and it is going to help passengers from the inconvenience of putting everything out of their handbag and then again packing those belongings.

Bangalore Airport To Introduce Something New For Security Check

Bangalore Airport
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport witnesses a major tourist footfall every day and each passenger needs to follow the same procedure at the security check. No matter which airport you are at, everyone needs to take out electronic devices such as mobile, laptops, chargers, and more from their hand luggage and put on plastic trays. This is a mandatory process to be followed by one and all. Well, soon Bangalore airport will put an end to this hassle of the security check process.

Recently, Bengaluru International Airport Limited made an announcement about a Computer Tomography X-ray machine. If you are wondering what is the functioning of this machine and how it can help passengers, then we have answers to all your questions. The authorities will start a new and advanced security check process using the Computer Tomography X-ray machine at Terminal 2, according to a report by Business Today.

There will be a trial run for this innovative machine and it will begin in the next couple of weeks. It will be built with full-body scanners and an Automatic Tray Retrieval System that will be able to scan and examine without the need to physically remove belongings or check everything physically. This will surely help in reducing the usage of plastic trays and timing security checks as well.

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How Will This Device Help Passengers & Staff?

Bangalore Airport
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

With the help of the Computer Tomography X-ray machine, authorities can simply check the products and things packed inside the bags. The three full-body scanners and the Automatic Tray Retrieval System have the biggest role to play here after the installation of the unique machine. As everything will soon be checked using the new technology, the chances of physically examining will be dropping as well. Plastic trays used by flyers will also reduce, shared Satyaki Raghunath, the Chief Operating Officer of the Bengaluru International Airport Limited.

Soon, passengers will be done with a faster screening process that will help them save overall time as well. Usually, people need to spend a long time with such security checks but this machine has the potential to decrease that as well. The trial will be starting very soon, in the upcoming weeks only. The plan is to start the advanced security check process with domestic passengers.

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Are you excited to see what this machine has in store for everyone travelling from Terminal 2?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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