Unwilling To Fly With Just 6 Passengers Onboard, IndiGo “Tricks”Them Off Plane At Bengaluru Airport

IndiGo passengers flying from Amritsar to Chennai via Bengaluru on Sunday night, were reportedly "tricked off" the plane at Bengaluru Airport as the airline was unwilling to fly with just 6 passengers.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Unwilling To Fly With Just 6 Passengers Onboard, IndiGo “Tricks”Them Off Plane At Bengaluru Airport

IndiGo passengers flying from Amritsar to Chennai via Bengaluru on Sunday night were left in shock at Bengaluru Airport. After landing in Bengaluru at 9:30 pm, six passengers were allegedly tricked by IndiGo to disembark from the aircraft parked on the tarmac. The airline apparently wanted to avoid flying to Chennai with just six passengers onboard. So, here’s what ensued.

To Avoid Flying With Just 6 Passengers Onboard, IndiGo Lures Them Out Of Aircraft

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A report by The Times Of India, dives deep into the happening on IndiGo flight flight 6E478 Amritsar-Chennai, via Bengaluru. On landing in Bengaluru, the six passengers set to fly to Chennai received calls from IndiGo. Ground staff members promised alternative flights to Chennai to the passengers if they deboarded the aircraft.

Furthermore, the IndiGo ground staff member said that he was waiting for them inside the Kempegowda International Bengaluru Airport with boarding passes in hand for another flight, ready to leave for Chennai. With all six passengers receiving similar calls, they all got off the plane. Unfortunately, they realised they were tricked and this was all part of a ruse orchestrated by IndiGo’s ground staff.

The airline was unwilling to fly to Chennai with just six passengers. So, they lured passengers to get off the plane. Do note that there were two elderly people onboard. The alleged deception by the Indigo staff left passengers facing a lot of inconvenience. The airline left its passengers stranded overnight at Bengaluru Airport. With no other available flights to Chennai that night, they were left with no option but to spend the night at the airport or in a hotel in the city.

To make matters worse, passengers revealed to TOI that IndiGo failed to arrange accommodation for them at an airport hotel. Despite contacting the ground staff, they didn’t receive any assistance. And the passengers were left to fend for themselves. Lloyd Pinto, IndiGo’s assistant manager was reportedly of little help. He was unsympathetic to their situation and denied them access to the airport hotel despite knowing the fault lay with the airline. Passengers were told they “weren’t eligible” for airport hotels.

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Passengers Accommodated On Chennai-Bound Flights Next Morning

Picture Credits: Canva

IndiGo sources at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru confirmed this incident to TOI. They revealed to TOI that two passengers were accommodated at a hotel nestled 13 km away from the airport. And the remaining four passengers spent the night at the airport lounge. The six passengers were accommodated on flights leaving for Chennai the next morning.

Meanwhile, IndiGo shared a statement,  “On November 19, 2023 flight 6E 478 was operating from Amritsar to Chennai via Bengaluru with eight transit passengers on board. Due to the delay of the incoming aircraft from Amritsar, these passengers were unable to board the onward flight to Chennai at the Bengaluru Airport. IndiGo ground staff made every possible effort to help passengers make the connection, but due to lack of time, they were unable to board the aircraft. IndiGo staff offered the passengers overnight accommodation and booking on the next available flight but certain passengers chose to stay at the airport lounge. We deeply apologise for the inconvenience caused to the passengers.”

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This incident has created awareness about how passengers are treated and are kept in the dark about their flight schedules. Also, it highlights the importance of airlines in creating a transparent and empathetic environment for passengers. The affected passengers are seeking accountability from IndiGo to address this issue caused by the “trickery” deployed by IndiGo ground staff.

Meanwhile, have you ever faced such an issue while flying to a destination?

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