Soon, You Might Be Able To Pay For Your Metro Or Taxis With Your Face In Dubai

by Anupriya Mishra
Soon, You Might Be Able To Pay For Your Metro Or Taxis With Your Face In Dubai

Are you a fan of science fiction movies? If your answer is the resounding yes, then chances are that one of the most common things that these movies show to the audience is the fact that the protagonists are walking through high-tech buildings with simple face recognition. Sometimes, these might also apply to the transport services in the high-speed chase sequences. Well, you no longer have to wonder about what it would feel like to travel like this, as it might soon become a reality in Dubai. We say this because Dubai Roads & Transport Authority has announced that soon people might not need nol cards to pay for public transportation fares, as they will be able to do so with facial recognition technology.

Dubai RTA To Introduce Face Recognition In Public Transport?

Dubai Metro
Pic credits: Twitter/DXBMediaOffice

GITEX Global 2023 is an ongoing event happening at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This event, which is seeing a lot of exciting developments and recently saw the Dubai RTA, announcing that they might soon allow people to travel in public transport and pay for the service through facial recognition technology. Yes, according to a report by Gulf News, it was mentioned that this will be done as a form of payment for public transportation fares. So, basically, commuters whether they’re travelling through Dubai tram, buses, taxis, marine transport, or even the metro, will be able to pay through the facial recognition technology.

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When Can You Expect The Introduction?

This also means they will not have to use tickets, cards, cash, or nol cards. So, to make this process a part of everyday life, smart gates will be installed at Dubai Metro, Dubai tram, taxi, and buses, which will then be operated by the user once they register. So, the operation will be quite simple! Once the face is recognised and analysed in 3-D, biodata will be matched with the user and then the amount will be deducted from their account. However, it’s worth noting that the exact date for the release of this exciting technology has not yet been announced.

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What More Innovative Services Are They Planning To Introduce?

The Dubai RTA announced a bunch of other cool new services for people in the Emirates.

  1. Special Taxi Services For Children
    Called ‘In Safe Hands service,’ this service will allow parents to pre-book special taxis online for school runs in Dubai.
  2. Looking For Parking Spaces Online
    So basically, what it will do, is allow you to check for all the empty parking spaces available near the intended destination. This can be done on the app, Dubai Drive before you leave the house. As a result, it will not just give you a hint of what to expect when you reach your destination, but will also make life much easier.

So, if you’re also excited about all the exciting developments that are happening at GITEX Global in Dubai, then stay tuned to the space for all the latest updates relating to this ongoing event.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/rta_dubai

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