5 Low-Calorie South Indian Snacks That Are Perfect For Weight Loss

by Vinita Jain
5 Low-Calorie South Indian Snacks That Are Perfect For Weight Loss

Having South Indian on your plate means healthy. South Indian cuisines encourage one to stay healthy while keeping their tummies full. When somebody says South Indian, mostly dosas, idlis, vadas, and sambhar come to our mind. Well, let us introduce you to a variety of flavorsome South Indian snacks. We all love munching crispy, spicy, and fried snacks, but that regular munching helps us in gaining some extra kilos. And, to avoid that situation, we got you 5 low-calorie South Indian snacks. Do check out these recipes and continue your regular munching guilt-free.

1. Adai

Adai is made from Toor dal, chana dal, and urad dal. Adai is basically a high-protein and nutritious crepe that make for a great South Indian snack option.

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2. Puttu

Puttu also known as Pittu is basically a coconut log made from steamed rice. To add flavor to the whole dish Puttu is served with Kadala Kari (black chickpeas curry). Check out this recipe to make Puttu at home.

3. Ragi Dosa

Rather than the regular dosa, make this version of healthy dosa. Ragi Dosas is very simple to make at home. The batter of ragi dosas contains ragi flour, yogurt, water, raw spices, onions, and coriander.  You can serve it just with coconut chutney also.

4. Churumuri

Churumuri is basically the South Indian version of Bhelpuri. It is made from puffed rice, raw veggies, spices, chutneys, and most significantly the nylon sev. Whenever you are craving something spicy and flavorful make a bowl of churumuri assorted with raw veggies for you.

5. Soya Idli

We’re talking about South Indian, so definitely we can’t miss on Idlis. Rather than making a regular wholesome meal of Idli Sambhar, go for Soya Idlis. They are healthy and can be eaten just with chutneys.

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