Special Eid Al-Adha Treat To Increased Flights, Everything Emirates Is Doing For The Hajj Season

by Anupriya Mishra
Special Eid Al-Adha Treat To Increased Flights, Everything Emirates Is Doing For The Hajj Season

It is for the first time in three years that Saudi Arabia is lifting travel restrictions for the pilgrims. And so, it is hardly surprising that pilgrims from around the world are headed towards Saudi Arabia to perform this important religious duty. With many people flying with Emirates, the airline has decided to introduce additional flights in key regional destinations and lots more to meet the travel demands and make this lot easier for them.

Additional Flights For Hajj Pilgrims


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As mentioned above, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready to welcome pilgrims from around the world for the Hajj season. And so, Emirates is deploying additional flights for them so that they can undertake the journey to and from the holy city of Mecca. For this, they’ve added 10 additional flights to and from Jeddah and all the flights will be operated on Boeing 777 aircraft, which has been dedicated to Hajj pilgrims till July 7. As there are strong bookings for travel from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Thailand, and South Africa, these flights will help in carrying the pilgrims. It should also be noted that they are deploying additional 34 flights to popular destinations across the region.

Not to mention, the airline is also ensuring that passengers have a seamless travelling experience. For this, their airport team will manage check-in and passenger transiting for Hajj pilgrims. Not to mention, passengers will be allowed to check in up to 5 litres of Zamzam, the holy water.

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Delicious Treats For Passengers On Eid Al-Adha

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As it happens, on the special occasion of Eid al-Adha, passengers will be offered traditional treats from June 28 to 30. As such, classic Eid dishes will be available in first, business, premium economy, and economy class. Additionally, they’ll be served on select outbound flights from Dubai, and on all flights from the Gulf and Levant.

So you can expect regional favourites, like Chicken Moughalghal, Prawn Morbian, And Lamb Madfoon in First and Business Class; Chicken Zurbian and Lamb Chermoula in the Premium Economy; and Kebab Khashkhash and Prawn Sayadieh in the Economy. Coming to the dessert, it will feature a tempting array of Eid favourites, such as Honey & White Chocolate Cake in First Class, Pistachio & Chocolate Namoura Cake in Business Class, Rehash & White Chocolate Mousse Cake in Premium Economy, and Coffee Cake With Arabica Sauce in the Economy. As it happens, every passenger will receive a bespoke gift box with Eid treat from Emirates.

It really does seem that the airline is going all out to ensure passengers have a blissful experience during the Hajj season.

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