Special Train Services Operated During Festivals Brings 45 Percent Revenue For Railways

by Shreya Ghosh
Special Train Services Operated During Festivals Brings 45 Percent Revenue For Railways

The festive season is a marvellous time for travelling to your bucket list destinations. With more and more people exploring new places, the revenue of the tourism industry takes a spike as well. 2021-22 went grand for the Indian Railways as Railways made revenue of 17,526.48 crores in the festive season with the special train services. These services during festivals in 2021-22 brought a great percentage of the Railways’ revenue.

45 Percent Of Railways’ Revenue Came From Special Train Services

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The special train services during the financial year 2021-22 brought in 45 percent of the Railways’ total passenger revenue. All the facilities and services led to a massive revenue of 17,526.48 crores, according to an RTI reply.

After the coronavirus hit the world, everything came to a halt including travelling. The Railways operated special train services in May 2020 after the pandemic and restarted trains.

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The reply to an RTI application filed by Chandra Shekhar Gaur shared all the details about the revenue of the Railways and how much it made from the special train services.

  • The Railways stated that it made 804.78 crores by operating special train services in the pre-pandemic financial year of 2019-2020.
  • It made a revenue of 12,02,7.81 crore in the pandemic financial year of 2020-21 from these train services.
  • For the financial year 2021-22 post-pandemic, it earned 17,526.48 crores by running special trains.

Breakdown Of The Revenue Earned In The Financial Year Of 2021-22

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The total revenue of the railways made in the financial year of 2021-22 was 39,104.41 crore.

  • The revenue earned in the first quarter of the 2021-22 financial year was 4,921.11 crore.
  • The revenue in the second quarter of 2021-22 was ₹10,513.07 crore.
  • In the third quarter of the financial year, the revenue was 11,873.42 crore.
  • Lastly, the revenue in the final quarter was 11,796.81 crore.

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Indian Railways are improving their train services often to provide better facilities and experiences to the passengers. They are launching special train services, new trains with faster connectivity and great services as well. Train journeys can be very tiring at times because of covering long destinations but with the improvement and new launches, the experiences are getting better.

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