SpiceJet Pilot’s Hilarious Poetic In-Flight Announcement Is Gold; Passengers Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

by Tejashee Kashyap
SpiceJet Pilot’s Hilarious Poetic In-Flight Announcement Is Gold; Passengers Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

Many people find flying on aeroplanes to be a monotonous affair, but occasionally the airline workers may spice up the flight with their clever remarks. An Indian pilot with SpiceJet made a humorous and poetic announcement on a flight to Bangkok. The video has now gone viral and made people laugh hysterically. Here’s what he did:

SpiceJet Pilot Makes Hilarious Flight Announcements


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Captain Mohit Teotia, a pilot with SpiceJet, who goes by the handle, @poeticpilot_ began his flight announcement in his unique, humorous style. He starts the announcement by asking people not to eat paan or gutkha since the windows won’t open and the crew won’t have a “pik-daan”. Additionally, he playfully cautions travellers who may have misled their spouses about visiting Bangkok that they would be reprimanded once they return home. The announcement had the audience in laughter, and many could be heard applauding.

His delightful and fun announcement on a recent flight to Bangkok had the Internet laughing too. One user wrote, ”@poeticpilot_ you are doing an amazing job. Keep spreading positivity with your humour & sweet smile. God bless you.” Another commented, ”I am feeling very low but this reel of yours made me smile for a moment.”

The video has received around 450 comments and over 1.38 lakh views since it was posted five days ago. Internet users praised the video and congratulated the pilot for encouraging people.

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It Ain’t The First Time Mohit Has Had His Flyers Tickled

However, it’s not the first time that Captain Teotia has captivated the audience with his unique announcements. Last year, he won the hearts of people with his creative in-flight announcement, when he made an announcement in a poetic style in Hindi on a Delhi-Srinagar flight.

The pilot is heard informing passengers about the flight time, altitude and meals on the flight in an entertaining way.  He says if we talk about the altitude, we are flying at 36,000 feet because if we go above this, there is a possibility we can meet our maker. He further added that one must give their lungs some rest, and avoid smoking on the plane otherwise it can lead to a penalty. The passengers were blown away in laughter by the pilot’s gesture.

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Cover image credits: Wikimedia Commons; Instagram/Poetic Pilot