Sri Lanka: From Nightlife to Cannabis, Here’s What The Nation’s Future In Tourism Looks Like

by Shreya Shriyan
Sri Lanka: From Nightlife to Cannabis, Here’s What The Nation’s Future In Tourism Looks Like

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry has experienced a remarkable revival, boasting a dynamic blend of attractions. Despite the country facing an economic slump, its tourism sector only seems to be booming. And Sri Lanka has many more plans to boost tourism in the future. How do they plan to do this? Is it the monuments? The tourist spots? Or the plans to start a cannabis cultivation system? Read on and find out. 

Sri Lanka’s Tourism Industry Witnesses 205% Rise

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Image Credits: Canva (Representative Image)

In the first seven months of 2023, Sri Lanka witnessed a significant tourism surge, gaining 763,000 tourists and around $800 million in revenue. As per the report by CNBC TV 18, State Minister of Tourism and Member of Parliament, Diana Gamage, credits President Ranil Wickremesinghe. 

She believes it was the President’s dedication to bolstering the national economy through tourism, that led to this achievement. According to the reports, Gamage stressed that the introduction of new approaches and innovative strategies played a vital role. 

It helped in enhancing the tourism industry, leading to a significant influx of tourists. This surge in tourism marks a remarkable growth of 205% compared to the previous year, stated the report. The report also stated that the revival of the tourism sector actively contributed to strengthening Sri Lanka’s economy. 

Hosting the final round of the Miss World pageant was a crucial move to enhance tourism in the Island nation. Additionally, a noteworthy milestone approaching in end-2023 is the World Travel Awards (WTA). The participation in this event is expected from 117 countries, stated the report. 

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What Is The Country Planning, To Keep These Tourist Numbers?

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Image Credits: Canva (Representative Image)

What does Sri Lanka plan to do to keep these numbers “high,” you ask? Well, Gamage emphasized to CNBC TV 18, the importance of promoting responsible and informed discussions about cannabis. As per the report, she wants to highlight its various uses beyond intoxication. 

She also stressed the need to implement appropriate regulations, which would enable Sri Lanka to tap into enormous economic opportunities. Opportunities that are mainly offered by this multi-billion-dollar industry. She further stated that implementing a night economy system is vital for boosting the tourism industry.

Gamage emphasized that tourists seek destinations that offer them the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. Closing tourist destinations early, like at 10 pm, would discourage tourists from visiting.

To attract tourists, it is essential to create a vibrant and lively environment, rather than having “dead cities”, Gamge reportedly stated in the report

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From hosting pageants to embracing the potential of cannabis, Sri Lanka is leaving no stone unturned in captivating travellers.

Cover image courtesy: Canva (Representative Image)