Stargaze & Stay Amidst Nature, 6 Best Camping Sites In Nagaland For Hornbill Festival 2023

From well-appointed tents to luxurious amenities, here are the camping sites in and around Kisama Village

by Tejashee Kashyap
Stargaze & Stay Amidst Nature, 6 Best Camping Sites In Nagaland For Hornbill Festival 2023

From well-appointed tents to culinary delights under the stars, camping sites provide a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the festivities while enjoying the comforts of being connected to nature. The Hornbill Festival, held annually in Kisama Heritage Village, is a celebration that brings together the various tribes of Nagaland. Camping sites are strategically positioned to provide guests with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of nature, surrounded by lush greenery and the crisp mountain air. From well-appointed tents to luxurious amenities, here are the camping sites in and around Kisama Village that offer a perfect blend of adventure and indulgence ahead of the Hornbill Festival:

Camping Sites For Hornbill Festival 2023

1. Kohima Camp, The Ultimate Travelling Camp

Offering travellers an exclusive opportunity to experience the festivities and cultural extravaganza of enthralling dances, traditional sports, local music, and even mock fights, Kohima Camp by TUTC opens on November 29 for a period of 14 days, until December 12  for Hornbill Festival 2023. The camp contains 8 tiny and uber-luxurious canvas tents that beautifully mix modern conveniences, intelligent design, and earthy materials derived from the region’s raw terrain. It is located on steep woodland slopes, a mere 20-minute drive from the festival venue of Hornbill Festival.

Where: J422+RXH, Tekweuju, Above Japfu Christian College, Kigwema, Kohima
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2. Camp Yedikha




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Camp Yedikha’s campsite features three levels of ground that replicate Nagaland’s terrace farms. The first level has parking, a kitchen, and a few tents. The majority of the tents and the bonfire area are located on the second layer. Finally, the third layer is the greatest since it provides an uninterrupted picture of Jakhama village’s magnificent rice fields against the foggy hills. The entire campsite is surrounded by a natural border of oak trees, which are adorned with flowers and orchids. It is one of the best places to go camping and enjoy the peace and quiet. Furthermore, the Hornbill Festival venue is only 5 kilometres away.

Where: Campsite Yedikha, AH 2, Zakhama, Nagaland
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3. Riino Campsite

The Riino campground is located in Kigwema Kipfuzha and is surrounded by nature. It is regarded as one of the best camping areas in Nagaland. It also provides utilities such as wifi, bonfires, parking, running water, traditional libraries, traditional entertainment, and many more. Campers can also participate in adventurous activities such as trekking and village tours, which provide a rewarding experience of being in a Naga Tribal zone.

Where: Kigwema Kipfuzha, Nagaland
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4. Camp David

The campsite is in the rural community of Kigwema, about 1 km from Kisama Heritage, which is easily accessible. The camping area has numerous tents, some of which can be shared by two people, three people, or five people. The administration behind the camping site ensures that all of the necessities are provided, including bedding mats, sleeping bags, and tent lights. Residents also receive free breakfast. In addition to the essential activities, you can enjoy a campfire, dining, and games.

Where: Hornbill – Kisama Rd, Kigwema, Zakhama, Nagaland
Contact at 098867 70070 for booking

5. Campsite Tezie


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The Campsite Tezie is another popular campsite near Kisama village. This campsite is special in that it offers a one-of-a-kind, wilderness-inspired setup. It has camping places all around it, as well as the natural wilderness and woodland vibe that you simply cannot miss during the Hornbill Festival.

Where: J467+C4C, Kigwema, Nagaland
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6. Camp Kite Manja


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Camp Kite Manja is another prominent luxury camping destination in Nagaland. It is located in Kohima, the state capital, and is one of the most popular places, offering an adventurous site as well as a spectacular perspective of the surrounding area.

Where: Naga Heritage Village, Kisama
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Camping at the festival enhances this experience, offering visitors a much-needed retreat amidst the natural beauty of Nagaland. As the popularity of staying outdoors continues to grow, it adds a new dimension to the Hornbill Festival, making it an event that goes beyond cultural immersion to become a truly unforgettable journey.

So, which campsite are you choosing for your Nagaland adventure at Hornbill Festival 2023?

Cover image credits: Press release/Kohima Camp