Stay In India’s First Eco Luxury Resort Amid The Calm Greens Of Coorg

by Sushmita Mahanta
Stay In India’s First Eco Luxury Resort Amid The Calm Greens Of Coorg

Are you looking for a luxurious weekend getaway? Visiting Coorg can be your solution here. Coorg has some of the best luxury resorts in India. With lush greens and pristine lakes, Coorg is also the best to heal and regenerate yourself. And there’s no better way to relax than in one of the best resorts in Coorg. Here’s a little more insight into the first eco-luxe stay in India with an IGBC Platinum certification.

The Ibnii Coorg Experience

The Ibnii Coorg is the most eco luxe-stay you will find amidst the calm greens of Coorg (Kodagu). The resort spreads over 125 acres of a former coffee estate. The Ibnii Coorg with its serene lake views and misty mornings is a perfect luxury resort to vacay with your family and friends. And what’s best is, there’s a lot of space in the resort. Every villa is designed to ensure total privacy. Being with nature is always healing. It’s the best way to detox. And The Ibnii at Coorg will offer just that. So go experience a stay like no other and discover the charm of Ibnii.

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The IGBC certification

The Ibnii Coorg is one of the first luxury resorts in India to receive the IGBC Platinum certification. This eco-luxe stay is known for resource-efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective buildings that have very minimal stress on the environment. They also charge guests for any leftover food which is a great initiative to embrace. The resort also has a zero plastic initiative. The Ibnii Coorg, along with all its luxury, is also a conscious step towards a sustainable future. And all of it makes this resort a must-visit destination in Coorg.

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