This Treehouse In Coorg Has A Suspended Machaan Lounge Net Overlooking The Mountains

by Suchismita Pal
This Treehouse In Coorg Has A Suspended Machaan Lounge Net Overlooking The Mountains

Amid the dense forest surrounded by the misty hills of Coorg, lies a home that is straight out of your dreams. Here, you can wake up to the intense aroma of the coffee plantations and soothe your eyes on the lush greenery all around. Woodpecker Estate in Coorg will let you experience tranquillity at its best by gripping your soul into the symphony of nature. Also, a unique adventure is waiting to be discovered at this hidden gem. The estate has a suspended machaan lounge net perched high above the ground to let you hang between the trees and soak in the surreal mountain views. Only a few worldly experiences can blend immense thrill and profound peace at the same time. This machaan net is surely one of them.

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Stay Hanging Amid Nature On A Suspended Machaan Net And Treat Your Eyes To The Misty Mountains

One can make way to the machaan net at Woodpecker Estate with a help of a rope. The views from here are mesmerising in every bit. Once you’re up there, there will be greenery around you and also beneath you. It is an experience that will feed your adrenaline rushes only to dumbfound you with the overwhelming beauty that lies ahead of it. The machan net overlooks the forests and the lofty mountains that touch the sky at the horizon.

Experience Nature In Its Purest Form At Woodpecker Estate

Apart from the machaan net, the property also has a swing tied to a tree. In proximity to the estate, lies a cascading stream too. One interesting part about a treehouse here is that a 65-year-old tree passes through it. Woodpecker Estate also has a good collection of books and board games. With a novel in hand and a cup of freshly brewed filter coffee, one can unwind on the patio here for hours. The patios too open up to the stunning forest views.


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So, get lost from the chaotic world for some time and be found in the lap of serenity!

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