5 Most Scenic & Lesser-Known Places In Coorg To Take Your Instagram Game Up

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 4920

Coorg is a wonderful hill station that offers a variety of activities and natural sites that one can visit and feel at home in an instance. If you are wondering if this trip will be Insta-worthy, you are in for a lavish treat! This hill station is ‘vacation ready’all year round. But we recommend you visit here during the monsoon months June to September as the hill station’s beauty gets enhanced by the downpour. Here are some of the 5 hidden gems in Coorg for your traveller’s delight and your Insta feed.

1. Honnamana Kere

Situated in Doddamalte, this is a lake surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It is located some 8km away from Somwarpet. Also, fun fact, this is the biggest lake in Coorg and is a magnet for nature lovers. Also, this is a holy place for Hindus as the temple of goddess Honnamma is situated near the lake. So get your cameras and watch the glorious sunset here by the Honnamana Kere.

Picture Credits: coorgtourism.co.in

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2. Namdroling Monastery

Another holy place in the list is the Namdroling Monastery, which is a large Tibetian Buddhist complex in Bylakuppe. This Monastery also houses the stunning Golden Temple and Zangdogpalri Temple. Currently, 5000 Buddhist monks and nuns call this monastery their home. The architecture of this monastery and the serene, spiritual aura here will surely take your breath away.

Picture Credits: TOI

3. Kotebetta

This living poetry of a forested mounted is situated around 22km from Madikeri. The peak is at a height of 1500 meters, making it the third-largest in the district. At the zenith, there is a beautiful Shiva temple which is visited by the priests every day. A visit to this mighty mountain will soothe your mind and soul as you trek through the coffee plantation ( which is a win for coffee lovers).

Picture Credits: logout.world

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4. Madikeri Fort

This magnificent fort was commissioned in the 17th century by the king Muddu Raja. Later, several kings including the most noteworthy Tipu Sultan captured this fort. The British Raj then made several architectural infusions. And currently, it houses the office of the Deputy Commissioner and the life-sized elephants at the entrance. It also comprises of a museum with rare artefacts.

Picture Credits: coorgtourism.co.in

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5. Chettalli

One of the most gorgeous lesser-known places in Coorg, that must be on your bucket list is definitely Chettalli. This charming village surrounded by coffee estates and misty hills will leave you feeling refreshed. Explore this place and immerse yourself in the rich culture here. Trek to the Chettalli waterfall and pay your respects to the divine at the temple in Todikana here. This place is relatively less crowded compared to other touristy spots. And that’s exactly why we’d recommend you visit Chettalli.

So, these are some of the most beautiful yet lesser-known places in Coorg, which you must visit. The misty hills, aromatic coffee, gushing waterfalls and serene lakes will surely attract you here like a magnet. And you’d never wish your vacation ends.

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