Fly In A 5-Seater Private Chopper From Coimbatore To Coorg, Hampi, Pondicherry & Munnar In Just ₹10,000 Per Person Approx

by Drishti 3645

The pandemic has changed the way we’re viewing travel. A lot of us are quite apprehensive about taking a commercial flight, and are looking for alternate ways. Turns out, you don’t need to compromise on your flying experience now. Wondering how? You can now take a private chopper from Coimbatore to Coorg, Hampi, Pondicherry and Munnar! Read on to know all the details.

Travel Safely To Coorg, Pondicherry Via Private Chopper From Coimbatore

Express Holidays and Planet X aerospace have collaborated to offer a very unique experience to travellers. They’ve launched private chopper services in Coimbatore, to take tourists safely to nearby getaways. The chopper apparently takes off from its helipad in Thudiyalur, which lies about 10 km north of the city centre. It can then take you to destinations like Coorg, Hampi, Pondicherry, Munnar, and Mangalore. Also this chopper has five seats in all, and can operate for 1.5 to 2 hours in a single journey. Meanwhile, helicopter services from Bangalore to various destinations in Karnataka are also on.

private chopper coimbatore

Picture Credits: planetx aerospace/ facebook

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Chopper Rides Begin From ₹10,000 Per Person (Approx.)

The journey is customisable, and so the prices vary for every trip. But if you’re looking for a city tour, the starting price is about ₹10,000 per person, according to travel publication Conde Nast Traveller. Apparently, these services will help in reviving the spirit of tourism, which had perhaps faded with the pandemic. You can also hire this private chopper in Coimbatore for medical emergencies, wedding services and flower showers.

private chopper coimbatore

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Meanwhile, the pandemic is still raging, and it’s ideal to avoid unnecessary travel. And while there are safe options now, like the private chopper in Coimbatore, it’s a good idea to plan effectively. If at all you’re planning to venture out, kindly follow all the rules, regulations and precautions issued by the government. Till then, how about we take you to some virtual tours? Check out this quick virtual tour of the stunning ruins of Hampi.