Fly To 8 Destinations In Karnataka From Bangalore In A Private Helicopter Starting From ₹1.45 Lakhs

by Sanjana Shenoy
Fly To 8 Destinations In Karnataka From Bangalore In A Private Helicopter Starting From ₹1.45 Lakhs

Bangaloreans! Have you ever wished you could go on a quick holiday in a private helicopter? Well, what can we say, the future is here! You can now fly to 8 gorgeous destinations in Karnataka from Bangalore by chartering a private helicopter for yourself. Regional carrier Star Air has now opened airways to breathtaking destinations like Mysuru, Hampi and others to let you fly out on your next trip. Starting from  ₹1.45 Lakhs you can fly in a private chopper with your loved ones while maintaining social distancing and safety amid this pandemic.

Star Air Offers Charter Helicopter Services From Bangalore To 8 Destinations In Karnataka

The sky is no longer the limit for Bangaloreans. Amid the current coronavirus pandemic, its necessary to maintain social distancing and reduce the risk of infection while travelling. And you can do exactly this by flying in a chartered helicopter from Bangalore to 8 destinations in Karnataka with your loved ones. Regional carrier, StarAir can fly you to Mysuru, Kodagu, Chikamagaluru, Sringeri, Dharmasthala, Hampi, Hassan or Shimoga from Bangalore in a heli charter service.

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 Charter Helicopter Services Starts From ₹ 1.45 Lakhs For One-Day Roundtrip

These 8 destinations are part of the private helicopter service which puts forth two of its single-engine H-130 helicopters. Each helicopter has the capacity to carry up to 6 passengers. The charges for the trips vary from ₹ 1.45 to ₹ 2.6 lakhs for a one-day roundtrip per helicopter.  Simran Singh Tiwana, CEO, StarAir stated to the Bangalore Mirror “We plan to start services in about a week. We have already been getting a few inquiries from corporates as well as families who plan to travel to Kodagu, Hampi and also religious destinations such as Sringeri and Dharmasthala.”

Picture Credits: Yogita Chainani

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You Can Only Travel With Friends & Family

These private helicopters shall fly out from helipads in HAL Airport and Whitefield to the 8 destinations in Karnataka. The choppers shall maintain standard hygiene and health protocols. The service demands people to travel with family, friends and loved ones. This is to reduce the risk of contact with strangers. Apart from this, there’s also a partition separating passengers from the pilots to ensure safety from any physical contact. The approvals are granted. So, you have to do is inform the destination airport and district authorities about your travel plans. So are you all set to fly in a charter helicopter? To get inspired, watch this virtual tour of Hampi from the comfort of your home.