Chopper Ride Over The Great Ocean Road In Melbourne – Done!

by Akriti Seth
Chopper Ride Over The Great Ocean Road In Melbourne – Done!

Great Ocean Road in Australia is a heaven for surf sports. It is a land of brilliantly beautiful blue and white beaches, rainforest splendour and wonderful coastal towns. Adding to it, Australia offers to us the sight of the12 Apostles who stand tall in their mystery upon sands. And to tell you what, the best way to take in this pristine beauty of the majestic Great Ocean Road is a chopper ride.

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About The Experience

Witness the wonder as you soar through the sky in your own helicopter as you fly over the 12 Apostles in a guided tour. These impressive carved rock formations have been sculpted by the sea storms. And this bird’s eye view is something you will never forget. These towering ethereal rock formations are spread across at a substantial distance and you can also chose to ride along the Great Ocean Road to take in the sight.

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Adding to it, all helicopters are of the best quality and safety is always a priority of this unmatched experience. Discovering the 12 apostles and the great ocean road by air offers excitement. And convenience that cannot be matched. Also, aren’t helicopter rides just luxurious?

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So when in Melbourne, take a scenic flight over it and witness the rugged splendour of the famous 12 Apostles.

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