Stay In Saanjh Villa Amid A Private Estate In The Deodar Forests

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Shimla is a small town in Himachal Pradesh, situated among the picturesque snow-laden mountains and scenic lush green valleys. This summer capital of the British Raj is dotted with stunning summer retreats like this quaint home in Mashobra. Spread across a whopping 15 acres of land, Daojidhaar Estate is a private estate, housing a plush holiday home called Saanjh Villa in the deodar and oak forests.

Saanjh Villa In Mashobra Is Surrouned By Deodar And Oak Forests

It is a private estate that is spread across 15 acres of land and is home to the luxurious Saanjh Villa. This vacation home this a blend of modern and rustic design. Located in a prime location of peaceful Mashobra, the house is surrounded by vast deodar and oak forests and enjoys breathtaking views of the mountain peaks on one side and the lush lowlands on the other.

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The Villa Offers Endless Views Of The Forests

The spacious interiors are decorated with chic and modern furnishings that act as the perfect retreat from hectic daily life. This vacation home is filled with an artisanal seating area and hand-carved benches. While the vast exteriors feature lush landscape, a treehouse, and a well-kept garden for you to enjoy, you can host specially -crafted events like lavish picnics, sundowner dinners, and delectable barbecue meals at this vacation home. The villa is equipped with five well-furnished bedrooms offering world-class amenities and endless views of the garden and forests. Saanjh Villa is perfectly adequate for 12 to 10 people and is a wheelchair-friendly property.

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Saanjh Villa

Credits: Daojidhaar Estate

Unique Experience At Saanjh Villa

This vacation home is a tranquil nature retreat surrounded by thick deodar and oak forests. It promises a refreshing experience amid the rising mountains and lowering valleys. Relax and unwind under the gazebo while reading a book. Enjoy a scrumptious barbeque dinner by the fire or have a lavish sundowner roast dinner. Whether you want to hike or binge-watch a movie at their home theatre, Saanjh Villa has it all.

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Daojidhaar Estate

Credits: Daojidhaar Estate