Strawberry Season Is Here! Gelato Gems To Cheesecakes, Mumbai’s 9 Best Strawberry Specials To Try

by Mallika Khurana
Strawberry Season Is Here! Gelato Gems To Cheesecakes, Mumbai’s 9 Best Strawberry Specials To Try

In Mumbai’s culinary landscape, there’s a seasonal celebration that paints the town in hues of strawberry sweetness. As the city gears up for the festive cheer, an array of delightful spots beckon, each offering a unique ode to the beloved strawberry season. From artisanal gelato parlours crafting decadent strawberry-infused delights to cosy cafes serving up innovative strawberry-themed treats, Mumbai is abuzz with the anticipation of indulging in this crimson-hued delight. Take a stroll through the city’s bustling streets and explore these eclectic venues, each weaving its enchanting tale of strawberries, flavours, and festive cheer.

Best Places In Mumbai To Enjoy Strawberry Season

1. The Art Lab Patisserie & Bakery

The Art Lab Patisserie & Bakery presents a tantalising vegan and gluten-free strawberry menu for the festive season. From the Bling Bling Tart to the Rouge Berry Biggie, each creation redefines the joy of festive indulgence, promising a symphony of flavours that embrace the sweetness of winter.

Where: Parel Village, Police Colony, Naigaon, Mumbai
When: 9 am – 6 pm
Cost: ₹1200 (For two)

2. Naturals Ice Cream

Naturals introduces a new seasonal delight with its ‘Original Strawberry Ice Cream.’ Crafted from the finest strawberries of Mahabaleshwar, this ice cream promises a creamy, velvety texture that captures the essence of handpicked strawberries. Available for 90 days starting from December 1, this pink-hued treat is set to become a winter favourite. The commitment to quality ensures each scoop is a delightful blend of freshness and sweetness, perfect for winter indulgence.

Where: Pan-India Naturals outlets
When: Available for 90 days starting December 1, 2023
Cost: ₹300 (For two)

3. Someplace Else

Someplace Else in Mumbai invites visitors to indulge in delicious profiteroles, strawberry cream, chocolate, and rum Christmas trifle. The beautifully plated, creamy strawberry delicacies are a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Where: Jio World Drive, MAKER MAXITY, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai
When: 12:30 pm – 1;30 am
Cost: ₹1000 (For two)

4. Love and Cheesecake

Love and Cheesecake present their Strawberry Nutella Cheesecake during the strawberry season. This velvety delight promises an indulgent experience, combining the richness of strawberries with a hint of Nutella, perfect for those seeking a decadent treat.

Where: Multiple outlets
When: 8 am – 12 am
Cost: ₹1500 approx.

5. Mad Over Donuts


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Mad Over Donuts elevates the donut experience with its strawberry cheesecake donuts. Filled with strawberry cream cheese, white chocolate, and strawberry fruit filling, these treats are available in stores or for online orders, offering a unique twist to the classic donut.

Where: Multiple outlets
When: 11 am – 11 pm
Cost:  ₹130 each

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6. Chantilly Cafe


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Bandra’s Chantilly Cafe brings London’s iconic strawberry and chocolate combo to Mumbai with fresh strawberries dipped in delicious chocolate syrup, creating a delightful treat for couples or friends seeking a taste of this renowned flavour combination.

Where: Bandra West, Mumbai
When: 2 pm – 12 am
Cost: ₹500 (For two)

7. Coppetto Artisan Gelato

Coppetto Artisan Gelato offers the ultimate indulgence with its Strawberry Marble flavour, a mouthwatering ode to the season. Using only the ripest, sun-ripened strawberries, this gelato delivers a decadent experience. Each bite is a celebration of the natural sweetness and freshness of strawberries blended into creamy gelato, promising a delightful escape into the heart of strawberry bliss.

Where: Coppetto Artisan Gelato Outlets in Bandra, Chowpatty, and Juhu
When: 12 pm – 12 am
Cost: ₹210/- onwards

8. Seeds of Life


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Seeds of Life celebrates Mumbai’s strawberry season with guilt-free indulgence in their exclusive strawberry-themed desserts. From Strawberry Chocolate Cake to Strawberry Tart and Strawberry Tres Leches, each dessert captures the essence of the season, inviting patrons to savour nature’s sweetest offerings.

Where: Seeds Of Life Outlets in Bandra
When: 9 am – 11 pm
Cost: ₹1000 (For two)

9. SIN

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SIN at Hotel Marine Plaza invites diners to relish the sumptuous Strawberry Tart, a culinary masterpiece that harmonises sweet, tangy, and decadent flavours. Each bite is a celebration of freshness and indulgence, encapsulating the essence of the upcoming strawberry season.

Where: Hotel Marine Plaza, Marine Drive
When: 10 am – 10 pm
Cost:  ₹300++ taxes

These culinary destinations in Mumbai encapsulate the essence of the strawberry season.

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