Strong Winter Storm Expected To Issue Blizzard-Like Conditions In Chicago By Friday

There are chances of a blizzard warning issued in Chicago soon, as another powerful winter storm prepares to hit the city.

by Tashika Tyagi
Strong Winter Storm Expected To Issue Blizzard-Like Conditions In Chicago By Friday

We like winter, and we even like the beautiful snowfall, but we don’t like being stuck indoors because of a blizzard or snowstorm! Unfortunately, that’s what it looks like in Chicago right now. As per the latest news from the weather department, a winter storm warning has been issued in Chicago, which could be followed by a blizzard warning by Friday night or early Saturday.

What Are The Conditions Like In Chicago & What’s To Be Expected?

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On Friday, the minimum temperature of -4° Celsius was recorded in Chicago with expectations of a powerful storm. As a heavy and wet dump of about 6 inches of snow is expected in the city, a blizzard warning can soon be expected in Chicago. This has reminded people in the city of the two worst blizzard experiences – the 1967 Chicago blizzard and the heart attack snowstorm of 1987.

Severe thunderstorms, powerful winds, and bone-chilling cold are hitting the eastern half of the USA. Blizzard warnings for Friday are imminent. The National Weather Service (NWS) of the USA projects heavy snow near and north of I-80 is expected at a rate of 1-3 inches per hour. This forecast has left people wondering if a blizzard is on its way or if they can proceed with their daily lives safely.

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What’s A Blizzard & When Do They Usually Issue Blizzard Warnings?

blizzard Chicago
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A blizzard is a severe snowstorm with powerful winds. Also, during a blizzard, the minimum visibility is pretty low and continues for several hours. People commonly believe that heavy snow leads to blizzard conditions, which isn’t true. As per some guidelines of NWS, here are some conditions under which they issue blizzard warnings –

  1. The wind speed should be more than 56 kmph.
  2. There should be a significant amount of snowfall
  3. The visibility remains below 400 metres for three hours or more.

As of now, there are chances that they will issue a blizzard warning, keeping in mind all the above-mentioned criteria.

We hope it doesn’t come down to the worst as people are anticipating and they all remain safe and sound!

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