Study Says Reusable Water Bottles Have 40,000 Times More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat. *Gags *

by Shreya Ghosh
Study Says Reusable Water Bottles Have 40,000 Times More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat. *Gags *

What if we tell you that the bottle that we use to drink water throughout the day, every single day breeds more bacteria than a toilet seat? We can already feel that you are grossed out with a blizzard expression wondering if this is the truth. Well, a recent study is stating that reusable water bottles actually have more bacteria than a regular toilet seat, and the difference is about 40,000 times. Read on to know more about this latest study.

Here’s What The Study Shares About Bacterial Growth In Reusable Water Bottles:

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A US-based company named has conducted this research. The team took various parts from a reusable water bottle and then tasted all these parts separately. They took the screw-top lid, spout lid, squeeze-top lid, and stray lid and conducted tests thrice with each and every part. After conducting the test, the team of researchers found out that there are two different kinds of bacteria inside the reusable water bottles.

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According to a report by HuffPost, the researchers identified these bacteria as bacillus and gram-negative rods. In fact, they found some unexpected results as well.

  • These bottles have twice the amount of germs as a regular kitchen sink.
  • Bottles have 4 times more bacteria found in a drinking bowl of a pet.
  • 4 times of bacteria of a computer mouse is found in a bottle.

Here’s How You Can Prevent The Water From Getting Contaminated:

The team of researchers also shared that you can avoid bacteria by washing reusable bottles. It is suggested that people should wash their bottles with some soap and warm water a minimum of one time every single day. And for further protection, it is advised to sanitise the bottles thoroughly a minimum of one time a week.

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Is This Bacterial Growth Harmful To Health?

When it comes to health concerns because of bacteria, different experts have different opinions on this. According to some experts, bacillus sometime causes problems in the gastrointestinal part of our bodies and gram-negative bacteria have the risk of leading to infections. But there are also some experts who believe that bacteria in bottles are not as harmful as mentioned. These bottles can be contaminated with bacteria from the mouth of the people.

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