Stunning View Of Mount Everest Visible From Village In Bihar

by Sanjana Shenoy
Stunning View Of Mount Everest Visible From Village In Bihar

The highest mountain peak in the world, Mount Everest situated in Nepal, is now visible from a village in Bihar. Residents of Bihar’s Singhwahini village woke up to a magnificent view of Mount Everest from their homes on Monday. The improved Air Quality Index (AQI), minimal traffic and a lack of industrial activities has led to a significant decrease in air pollution. And thanks to this the majestic Mount Everest, situated in Nepal is now visible from hundreds of kilometres away in a village in Bihar.

Mount Everest visible from bihar
Picture Credits: Twitter/Ritu Jaiswal

Mount Everest Visible From Bihar’s Singhwahini village

Ritu Jaiswal, the Mukhiya of Gram Panchayat Singhwahini shared images of Mount Everest from her terrace. She tweeted that they could witness Everest from their terrace in Singhwahini village. She revealed in her tweet that some mountains situated near Nepal can usually be seen after the monsoon season, but this is the very first time that the Himalayas is visible from her village. She further stated in her tweet that nature is balancing itself.

This same picture was tweeted by IFS Parveen Kaswan. But he tweeted this with a little more information. IFS Parveen Kaswan shared a local newspaper report where the elderly people of the village claim that the Himalayan range is visible now because of lack of pollution. It used to be visible decades ago when Bihar was not cluttered with activities. As per Google Maps, the distance between Bihar’s Singhwahini village and Mt. Everest situated in Nepal, is 190km.

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Different Mountain Peaks Visible From India

Apart from Mount Everest being visible from a village in Bihar, over the past few weeks, it has been discovered that different mountain peaks are now visible from different parts of India. The third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga can be witnessed from Siliguri in West Bengal. The gorgeous Gangotri Range can be seen from  Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Pir Panjal, the largest mountain range of the Lesser Himalayas is now visible to the residents of Srinagar, courtesy the lockdown and subsequent drop in pollution levels. Waking up to the breathtaking sight of mountains situated hundreds of kilometres away is nothing but a true blessing. Did you know Nepal Enters Guinness Book Of World Records For Mt Everest Fashion Show?