Saudi Arabia And UAE To Be Connected By A Rail Line By 2021

by Kritika Kukreja
Saudi Arabia And UAE To Be Connected By A Rail Line By 2021

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Direct railway lines will be established between UAE and Saudi Arabia by 2021. 

What Is It?

By December 2021, there will be a direct train route between UAE and Saudi Arabia that will be carrying passengers and cargo too. It will be a 2100 km trail which will ultimately connect the six GCC states – The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. Initially, there were plans to get the route running by the Expo in 2020, but it will narrowly miss that window.

An official from Federal Authority for Land and Marine Transport has confirmed that the plans are laid out and by December 2021, they will be able to launch the project. 

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What Do We Know?

There’s not much info given on the type of train that will be used for the transportation. It will be a conventional track, as opposed to a bullet or a hyperloop. Along with this $200 billion-plus project, each of the GCC states are developing their own domestic railway lines in order to provide better security and safety while traveling through the railway route. Cumulatively, these railway projects will be supporting 16 million passengers to travel per year. 

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