Sunday Brunch Ep 31: Pankaj Tripathi Makes Bhel Puri & Sings Bhojpuri Song

by Trishana Goswami

Sunday Brunch Coming from a rural village in Bihar & being born to farmer parents, if there’s one thing that paved the way to the success of actor Pankaj Tripathi is his simplicity and eternal love for the art and acting alone. Even though he is in Mumbai, he prefers staying in #MadhIsland, an area that brings him closer to nature, calmness and his village life. On this episode of Sunday Brunch, we talk to #kaleenbhaiya about his days in Bihar, his life as a chef while he makes some crispy ‘Jhalmuri’ for @Kamiya Jani and his encounter with Mumbaiya word – ‘Kantaal’ when he first came to Mumbai. Watch the full episode on Curly Tales to witness a ‘Nashedi Traveler’, as he speaks with us through his expressions and neck movements. He also sang a Bhojpuri song for us. #PankajTripathi #SundayBrunch #KamiyaJani #CurlyTales