Surat’s Unique Chai Wala Captures Millions Online With His Theatrical Skills And Pudina-Infused Chai

Adding a unique twist to India's beloved chai!

by Mallika Khurana
Surat’s Unique Chai Wala Captures Millions Online With His Theatrical Skills And Pudina-Infused Chai

In India, chai is not just a beverage; it’s a cultural phenomenon. The ubiquitous chaiwala is an integral part of daily life, and some have even achieved celebrity status. This trend of famous chaiwalas reflects the nation’s deep love for tea and the unique personalities behind its preparation. One such example is the famous “Dolly Chaiwala” from Nagpur, who skyrocketed to fame when Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates visited his stall in February 2024.  Recently, another chaiwala from Surat captured the public’s imagination and became a viral sensation in his own right. Dubbed “Surat’s famous action chaiwala,” this tea vendor has added his own twist to the traditional chai-making process, drawing widespread attention.

Surat’s Action Chaiwala Becomes The Latest Viral Hit

Over 49 million people have viewed an Instagram reel by showcasing this chaiwala’s skills; viewers are enthralled with his acrobatic milk handling and the aromatic outcome. In the video, the chaiwala can be seen straining the tea using a cloth, bringing it to a boil, and then serving the eager customers.  He doesn’t just add regular ingredients like tea leaves, sugar, and milk, but also chopped greens, like pudina (mint leaves) and other items. 

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Unique Tea Vendor Captures Millions Online

action chai wala
Photo Credits: Zeel Bhuva/Instagram

The video has garnered over 49 million views, with viewers making humorous comparisons to Dolly Chaiwala. They have also been speculating about potential meetings with other global personalities. Comments on the reel range from playful suggestions that the Surat chaiwala might meet Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg next, to jokes about the performative nature of his chai-making process. Some are also pointing out the inclusion of chopped greens in the chai. This new sensation has been humorously dubbed “Dolly version 2.0.” Some even see him as Dolly’s teacher or relative. Many of these comments are particularly hilarious and you don’t want to miss them.

The viral success of these chaiwalas is not just surprising. It also underscores the ongoing craze for chai in India. The innovative ways in which tea vendors capture the public’s attention is truly remarkable. Whether through celebrity endorsements or theatrical tea-making techniques, these chaiwalas continue to brew more than just tea.

They certainly create memorable experiences and garner fame in the process.

Cover Image Courtesy: Zeel Bhuva/Instagram

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