Suresh Raina Relishes Food Cooked By His Mother With Lots Of Love

by Sushmita Mahanta
Suresh Raina Relishes Food Cooked By His Mother With Lots Of Love

When it comes to food, nothing can beat the ‘Ghar ka khana’ cooked by our beloved mothers! Indian mothers have a special way of expressing love to their kids and it’s through cooking their favorite food at home. Recently something similar was seen in a former Indian cricketer’s home. If you are following Suresh Raina, you must have definitely seen his recent Instagram stories where the cricketer was enjoying a massive spread of Ghar ka khana cooked by his mother. Suresh Raina was all smiles as he relished the yummy home-cooked food prepared by his mother and we are in ‘aww’!

Suresh Raina Relished ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ Cooked By His Mother

Suresh Raina took to Instagram on Thursday to share glimpses of his food fiasco with his family. The cricketer was seen relishing food cooked by his mother at home. The pictures included his mother, brother, and the grand spread his mother prepared for Suresh Raina. Everything was home-cooked, from the dal, gravy, rice, salad, and pickles. A usual home-cooked Indian platter often includes rice or roti, dal of choice, a sabzi, salad, and pickle. Suresh Raina’s plate looked quite similar, looks like he is totally a sucker for comfort home-cooked food like most Indians. The cricketer was all smiles while gorging on the delectable platter that his mom cooked for him.

suresh raina

Health Benefits Of Home-Cooked Food

Cricketers are always thinking about their health and are mostly eating healthy. No doubt Suresh Raina loves the comfort food cooked by his mother so much. Apart from being tasty, ‘Ghar ka Khana’ also has numerous health benefits. Home-cooked food is healthier than fast food or the fried snacks you eat. Apart from this, when any produce is cooked at home, its nutritional value is well maintained. Ordered food or outside meals often contain a lot of oil and spices and are totally harmful to our health. So take notes from Suresh Raina and if you are a daily consumer of outside food, stop doing it. Shift to eating more yummy and simple home-cooked meals.

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