Survey: 83% Travellers Say They Would Prefer Free In-Flight WiFi Over Food & More Legroom!

by Deeplata Garde
Survey: 83% Travellers Say They Would Prefer Free In-Flight WiFi Over Food & More Legroom!

In a recent survey conducted by Viasat, a global communications specialist, an intriguing revelation emerged that shocked many of us. According to it, travellers prefer free WiFi connectivity onboard an flight. Also, it now ranks higher in importance for passengers than traditional amenities like food, drink, and even legroom. This survey, encompassing the opinions of over 11,000 travellers worldwide who had taken to the skies in the past year, places Wi-Fi on planes second only to ticket prices in terms of passenger priorities.

Survey Reveals This Feature As The Top Most Needed Things In-Flight

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These findings signify a shift in passenger expectations, a trend closely aligned with the revival of global travel. Passenger numbers reach nearly record-breaking levels. Remarkably, a resounding 83% of respondents expressed a greater likelihood of rebooking with an airline that offered dependable WiFi connectivity. Additionally, 81% of those surveyed considered Wi-Fi a pivotal component of their onboard experience, representing a 4% increase since 2022.

Of particular interest is the revelation that half of the respondents admitted they would be less inclined to connect to in-flight Wi-Fi if it came with a price tag. Furthermore, a notable 29% of passengers indicated a willingness to pay more for their ticket if it guaranteed complimentary WiFi. Apart from ticket pricing, free in-flight WiFi has now become the most influential factor when passengers select an airline (22%), surpassing the appeal of free food and drinks (18%), adequate legroom (13%), and even free entertainment (9%).

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Worldwide Demand For Free Inflight WiFi

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The demand for free in-flight Wi-Fi has experienced a substantial surge since the 2022 survey. A staggering 50% of passengers worldwide now assert that WiFi should be provided free of charge on all short-haul flights. There’s an even more significant 82% advocating for free WiFi on long-haul journeys.

The survey delves further into passenger preferences, revealing that 47% of travellers aspire to have unlimited access to social media while in the skies, while one in five passengers (22%) express a desire to engage in gaming activities, underlining the innate need for connectivity and a desire to remain plugged into life on the ground. This “fear of missing out,” or FOMO, is particularly pronounced among sports enthusiasts, with an impressive 81% of passengers expressing willingness to pay for access to live sporting events during their flight.

In conclusion, the findings of this survey underscore the growing significance of in-flight WiFi connectivity for air travellers.

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