Swiggy Launches New Moonlighting Policy Where Employees Can Take Second Job

by Sushmita Mahanta
Swiggy Launches New Moonlighting Policy Where Employees Can Take Second Job

Having a second job often helps employees if their income in the primary one isn’t enough to meet their everyday needs. And leading food-delivery company Swiggy has now come up with a new policy that allows its employees to take up outside work. Swiggy on Wednesday introduced its ‘Moonlighting policy’ under which employees will be able to take up external projects for free or even an “economic consideration”. There is a growing demand for more flexibility in work of late, and Swiggy’s new policy might soon set a new and necessary trend at workplaces! Read on to know more about what exactly is the moonlighting policy and why it is a necessary step taken by Swiggy.

About Moonlighting

Moonlighting is the practice of holding a second job outside normal business hours in addition to one’s main job. Moonlighting is mostly done secretly as most companies have policies that prohibit this and take strict actions against the employees practicing moonlighting. So Swiggy being a leading food-delivery company and introducing a Moonlighting Policy is a huge deal. It’s truly a progressive step taken towards making workplaces employee-centric.


About Swiggy’s Moonlighting Policy

After the permanent ‘work from home’ policy announcement last week, Swiggy has once again brought happy news to its employees by introducing its ‘Moonlighting Policy’ this Wednesday. Under the new policy, Swiggy employees can take up external projects on a pro-bono basis or economic consideration based on internal approvals.
“Swiggy has always strived to understand the diverse aspirations of its employees and to design its organizational policies to suit their evolving needs. With the Moonlighting Policy, our goal is to encourage employees to pursue their passion without any constraints due to their full-time employment with us,” revealed Girish Menon, head of human resources at the food-delivery firm. As for the reactions of the public, netizens are seen applauding this new step taken up by Swiggy!

Who Can Avail The Moonlighting Policy By Swiggy?

The moonlighting policy by Swiggy is available to all full-time employees of Bundl Technologies, the parent company of Swiggy, including subsidiaries, affiliates, associates, and group companies. Swiggy’s moonlighting policy is part of its efforts to be employee-centric. The company also revealed that during the countywide lockdowns, a significant portion of the working population discovered new hobbies and perhaps even an activity that provides an additional source of income. Be it volunteering with an NGO, working as a dance instructor, or content creation for social media, Swiggy firmly believes that working on such projects outside of one’s full-time employment can significantly contribute to both the professional and personal development of an individual.
“Swiggy trusts that its employees can excel in their performance while picking up interesting projects outside work. Which is why the team came up with the policy,” the company added.

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