Sydney Residents, Get Ready To Watch The Enchanting Lyrid Meteor Shower From 16-25 Apr!

by Shreya Rathod
Sydney Residents, Get Ready To Watch The Enchanting Lyrid Meteor Shower From 16-25 Apr!

Remember the nights when we used to look at the sky wishing for shooting stars? The beautiful and mesmerising star-studded sky was a peaceful sight. But the meteor shower looked more enchanting than anything. And one such celestial event will be gracing our sights in April! The Lyrid meteor shower is said to be visible from April 16th to 25th, 2023. But for Sydney residents, it will be at its peak from April 22nd to 23rd. Here’s everything you need to know about this meteor shower.

Lyrid Meteor Shower In Australia

lyrid meteor shower in sydney
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The celestial event when meteors radiate or originate from one point is called a meteor shower. And Lyrid is the oldest recorded meteor shower in human history. You may see up to 20 shooting stars per hour during the peak of this shower’s activity. This event is caused by debris from Comet Thatcher. Yet, even if you’re looking up outside of peak hours, there’s a good chance you’ll sometimes notice a flash of light illuminating the sky.

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However, for everyone who resides in the Southern Hemisphere, the Lyrid shower won’t be as bright and spectacular in comparison to its Northern Hemisphere counterparts. Despite this, residents of the former hemisphere should still be able to see it all (weather permitting) after midnight on April 22 or just before dawn on April 23. But they can turn their feet towards the Northern Hemisphere and aim their gaze 45 degrees above the horizon for the optimum viewing angle.

History & Significance Of This Celestial Event

Formally known as April Lyrids, this meteor shower lasts for ten days, while it’s at its peak around April 22nd. Though no modern showers are recorded in recent years, this celestial event has been recorded since 687 BC.

What makes the Lyrids special? To watch this meteor shower, you don’t need any specialised equipment or astronomical knowledge. However, be sure to allow your eyes enough time to become used to the darkness. Although Lyrid meteors are quite brilliant, keep in mind that they are relatively rapid.

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