Taiwan Is Organising Fake Flights For Those Who Are Missing Travel

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Taiwan Is Organising Fake Flights For Those Who Are Missing Travel

Staying indoors for all these months can be daunting. And this is also the time when we start missing simple things in life like airport check ins, immigration queues, and all those little moments inside an airport. All of us are eagerly waiting to relive these moments. But not anymore! Meanwhile, did you know Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country To Legalize Same Sex Marriage?

What’s It?

Taipei’s Songshan Airport is now offering a chance for travelers to relive good old days. The airport is open for pretend vacations and flights to nowhere. 90 people will be given the chance to pretend like they’re going on a vacation. The new airport tour will allow people to go to the airport, without actually going on a trip.

The half-day tour will include an airport tour, a mock immigration experience and finally, the chance to board and then disembark an airplane.

Chih-ching Wang, deputy director of Taipei Songshan Airport, said that people can actually make use of this opportunity to learn more about boarding process and other services. The tours will take place on July 2, 4, and 7. On another note, did you know Taiwan Has A Toilet-Themed Restaurant Where You Can Eat Poop Special Dishes?

Flights from Taipei Songshan Airport, travel to China, Japan, and South Korea as well as a few other domestic destinations. The current scenario has led to an unfortunate lull and Songshan is giving first-time travelers a chance to prepare themselves better. Meanwhile, veteran travelers can also relive their travel days.

So far, Taiwan has reported 443 cases of coronavirus and only seven deaths. The country shut down in mid March and has ever since then managed to keep the number low through rules and social distancing apps. Foreign nationals are still not permitted to enter Taiwan and the territory has not yet announced any plans to reopen its borders.

What Else?

And in case you plan a trip to Taiwan, here’s something you must not miss. Taiwan has a bright and colourful village which has aptly been named as the Rainbow Village. Tucked away in Taichung, the name comes from the vibrant street art that this village is decorated in. Not only perfect for Instagrammers, anybody of any age can come to visit this haven and enjoy the riot of colours! After all, who doesn’t like the rainbow? Get all the deets you need about this quaint old village here.

The Rainbow Village

Located in Nantun District of Taichung, this village was formerly a residential area of retired military personnel. Back then, the village hadn’t has been transformed to its current glory. Click here to find out more.