There’s An Insta Perfect Rainbow Village In Taichung, Taiwan

by Madhusree Chatragadda
There’s An Insta Perfect Rainbow Village In Taichung, Taiwan

Calling all Instagrammers! Taiwan has a bright and colourful village which has aptly been named as the Rainbow Village. Tucked away in Taichung, the name comes from the vibrant street art that this village is decorated in. Not only perfect for Instagrammers, anybody of any age can come to visit this haven and enjoy the riot of colours! After all, who doesn’t like the rainbow? Get all the deets you need about this quaint old village here.

The Rainbow Village

Located in Nantun District of Taichung, this village was formerly a residential area of retired military personnel. Back then, the village hadn’t has been transformed to its current glory.

Credits: TripAdvisor

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Who Is Behind The Graffiti Art?

The one who painted the village rainbow is actually an ex-soldier and resident of Taichung. Patiently,  Huang Yung-Fu transformed all the houses in this village. From there, it was popularised all over the country and the world by students, Instagrammers and travellers.

Credits: Taiwan News

What’s More?

The village was to be demolished as most of the ex-military personnel had vacated the premises but Fu breathed new life into the quaint village. This is all thanks to some local students who successfully stopped the demolition, attaching artistic value to the place. Now, visitors to this spot number in the millions! These many works of art are now also a cultural symbol in Taiwan.


How inspiring is Huang Yung-Fu? All these brilliant work paid off well. And did you know he is 96 years old!? We totally appreciate his efforts and cannot wait to this grand piece of art! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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