Taiwan To Operate A Hello Kitty Flight To Nowhere That Will Offer Michelin-Star Meals

by Kanika Sharma
Taiwan To Operate A Hello Kitty Flight To Nowhere That Will Offer Michelin-Star Meals

Eva Air, a Taiwan-based airline will be taking all its passengers to a special destination. However, it is not the just the fact that a flight is being operated given the current times, the destination, theme and meals is something that has us intrigued. Read on.

A Hello-Kitty Flight To Nowhere

On the occasion of Father’s Day, that is celebrated on August 8 in Taiwan, Eva Air, is organising a special flight to nowhere. Yes… you read that right. The plane will be decorated in a Hello Kitty theme and will be taking off from Taipei Taoyuan Airport. After a few hours, it will be returning to the same airport.

Picture Credit: USA Today

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According to new reports by One Mile At A Time, the flight duration will be less than 3 hours. It will be causing at an altitude of 25,000 ft and is expected to fly over the Taiwan east-coast line, Guishan Island and the east coast of Hua. It will then be flying south to Eluanbi and Xiaoliuqiu. After giving a bird’s eye view of all of these locations to its passengers, it will be returning to Taiwan.

Meal By A Three Michelin Star Chef Will Be Served On Board

The three-hour flight will have a lot more in store. The on-board menu will feature a seafood feast that will be curated by a Three Michelin Star chef Motokazu Nakamura. Apart from that, special Hello Kitty amenities and duty-free items will be available on board that people would be able to purchase at steep discounts. Tickets are being sold for ‘flight to nowhere’. They are priced at $180 for Economy and $215 for Business Class.

Picture Credit: God Save The Points

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Another interesting fact that has been revealed about this special flight is the number under which it will be operating. It will be BR5288, which is meant to sound familiar to ‘BR I love dad’ in Chinese.

Not The First Time, A Fake Flight Is Being Organised In Taiwan

If you thought that this is the first time, a one-of-a-kind experience is being organised, well, we are about to the set the record straight. In June, Taipei’s Songshan Airport offered ‘pretend vacations’. Around 90 people were given a chance to check-in to the airport, board a flight and then, disembark the plane. It also involved taking a tour of the airport, going through a mock-immigration process and receiving fake flight tickets.

Picture Credit: Youtube

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Until real vacations are possible, why not make the most with these pretend ones? They do sound like fun… right?