Taiwan Has A Toilet-Themed Restaurant Where You Can Eat Poop Special Dishes

by Kritika Kukreja
Taiwan Has A Toilet-Themed Restaurant Where You Can Eat Poop Special Dishes

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Bizarre being the theme these days, Taiwan has a toilet themed restaurant that serves dishes based on the theme. 

What Is It?

The Modern Toilet Restaurant is a bathroom themed restaurant in Taiwan with multiple branches throughout Asia. Everything here is based on theme with plungers hanging from the ceiling in shape of poop, and the walls are decorated with shower handles. Not just that, the seats are actual toilets that don’t work anymore, the soups are served in miniature toilet bowls and the drinks in mini urinals. 

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(Image Credit – Daniel’s Food Diary)

History Of The Restaurant

Restaurant’s owner, Dao Ming Zi, had a successful ice cream business where he used to swirl ice cream and serve it in cups resembling mini squat toilets. Although Taiwan is home to plenty of unusual restaurant, but this one surely comes off as bizarre. The chain of Modern Toilets started in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and now has 12 restaurants in Taiwan, and Hong Kong with future locations planned in Macau and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Customers dine while sitting on acrylic toilets adorned with “roses, seashells or renaissance paintings.” The tables that the meals are served on are bathroom sinks covered with glass tops. Meals are served in miniature toilet bowls and drinks are in miniature plastic urinals which the customers can take home with them as a souvenir. Dessert ice cream is served in a dish that resembles a squat toilet.

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(Image Credit – Untapped Cities)

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