Take A Dip In This Healing Hot Spring In Manali Surrounded By Mountains

by Sanmita A
Take A Dip In This Healing Hot Spring In Manali Surrounded By Mountains

Not all travellers look for beauty and charm; some are on their quest for spiritual fulfilment, freedom and peace. Every year many such travellers visit the mountains in Himachal Pradesh for peace and tranquillity. And it is not only Himachal, there are many other states in the country, that receive international tourists for spirituality. Well, this is another gem of a temple, Vashist where people visit for its healing properties. Less than 5 km from Manali, the temple is Vashist Temple, dedicated to one of Hindu’s most revered sages – Vaishist! The Vashist temple is said to be over 4,000 years old and the temple has numerous intricate designs, architecture and carvings to prove its history. And there within its premises is a hot spring – which apart from relaxing you, also helps healing you!

The Water From The Vashist Hot Spring Cures Ailments

It is believed that the water in this hot spring has healing qualities and cures people of their ailments once they take a dip here. It is also said people usually visit the Vashist hot spring to free themselves of skin ailments. Also, the authorities have ensured a separate bathing area for men and women.

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Take Your Essentials Before You Plan A Bath At Vashist

If you’re planning to take a dip here, make sure you carry your own towel and essentials like clothes to the temple before you head out from Manali. A little planning in advance is necessary before you head out, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath. Then, to reach the Vashist temple’s location, you have to hire a rickshaw which wouldn’t cost you much. To bathe in the Vashist hot spring, you will have to visit the temple at appropriate timings.

So, what could be more peace-giving than taking a dip into this hot spring which is believed to have healing powers?


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