Tejasswi Prakash Lists Down Her TOP 5 Fave South Mumbai’s Small, Hole-In-The-Wall Cafes | Curly Tales

by Ananya Singh
Tejasswi Prakash Lists Down Her TOP 5 Fave South Mumbai’s Small, Hole-In-The-Wall Cafes | Curly Tales

In the Curly Tales episode of Tere Gully Mein, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, calls all our Bigg Boss fans to assemble. On a Victoria ride, we had Tejasswi Prakash share her unfiltered opinions and life experiences. This celebrity is renowned for her zero attitude and inherent interviews. She doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. Along with A LOT of food talk, she talked about her childhood, college days, acting career and much more. Teju is a vibe, and who wouldn’t love to hang out in a place she loves? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Tejasswi Prakash reveals her 5 favourite places in South Mumbai that are underrated but have excellent food. Read more to know the hole-in-the-wall cafes that Teju adores.

1. Bachelorr’s

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Bachelorr’s has been a favourite with Mumbaikars for years, and we are now huge fans of the wide range of flavours this brand has to offer. Thanks to Teju! If you’re feeling adventurous like Kamiya and Tejasswi, opt for the chilli ice cream, a spicy and sweet treat that leaves you with an aftertaste of chilli. Remember strawberry cream to help you with the spice, though. Though a proper non-vegetarian, Tejasswi Prakash made us try her favourite paneer pizza, making us go Mamma mia! 

2. Bademiya

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Bademiya is one of those restaurants about which people ask,”Colaba gaye and Bademiya main nahi khaya?” This restaurant is iconic and of the diners who are part of Mumbai’s nightlife, including Tejasswini Prakash. Want to know what her favourite is from Bademiyan? Well, it’s Kebab with Baida Roti! Tip from the food lover Tejasswi, remember to go down to Gokul restaurant and try Chicken Curry while you’re at it!

3. Rustom’s

Image Credits: Rustoms

Having retained the classic flavours that they started with, this is one colonial shop that kept its original charm but believed in innovation. At Rustom’s, Tejasswi and Kamiya have a standard favourite. Rustom’s biscuits and ice cream. Make most of the seasonal fruit, mango and pista ice cream, which they sandwich between their biscuits every summer season!

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4. Gaylord

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Gaylord is of the most longstanding and well-known eateries down Churchgate Lane. Its confectionery department is famous for maintaining its traditional flavours. You’ve been given the menu and are now wondering what to order. To solve that problem, here’s what Tejasswi Prakash goes to at Gaylord’s. It is Spaghetti, plates of pasta and English breakfast food. 

5. Cafe Churchill

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Even though Café Churchill is a bit of an icon, it is less noticeable in the location than the other restaurants. It is adjacent to Cusrow Baug, the Parsi residential community with a fortress-like façade, on Colaba Causeway. Churchill makes up for its lack of size with its comforting continental fare menu, which includes pasta, sausages, pizzas, and its star dish, pièce de résistance, the Malfatti. Teju ordered Malfatti, a spinach, corn, and cheese dumpling baked with creamy tomato sauce, mushroom, and broccoli. Sound delicious? Team Curly Tales had a food party, no doubt. It was also topped with fish and chips and some penne arrabbiata pasta! 

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So what do you think about these candid reviews by famous celebrities like Tejasswi Prakash? Well, we can’t wait to try all these places. To know how much of a foodie ‘public heartthrob’ Tejasswi is, refer to the video link above!

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