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Tejasswi Prakash, a well-known actress, rose to fame, thanks to her role in the fictional television series Naagin 6 produced by Ekta Kapoor. The actress has been in many shows in her career, but Bigg Boss 15 has made her a media darling. She frequently appears in fashionable attire and never misses an opportunity to embrace her inner diva. Lately, Tejasswi Prakash shared her experience in the industry with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, in an episode of Tere Gully Mein

Tejasswi Prakash On Feeling Unwelcomed In The Industry

When Kamiya asked if Tejasswi Prakash had any unpleasant experiences in the industry, Tejasswi candidly answered, “There’s one bad experience that I’ve felt. Recently, when you go to these award functions and events, I feel extremely new to this. All of this happened after me winning Bigg Boss or Naagin. That I do enter these places and see different kinds of groups. And I feel this weird sense of not being welcomed.” Tejasswi Prakash sometimes feels judgy eyes on her. Even though it’s not just about entertainment or the Bollywood industry, it is about who comes new there. The actress feels new faces are scrutinised a lot. 

Does she talk well? Does she know what she’s doing? Has she done her homework? Has she dressed a certain way, or what designer is she wearing? These questions loom on the new actors who join. However, the Naagin 6 actress feels it is very petty. She says, “The first thing you should look at is do I know my work, do I know my job? Period.”

How Did The Actress Travel To Her College

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Did you know Tejasswi Prakash used to travel by Mumbai locals while she was in college? It was a task for her to do. She used to live in Goregaon and travelled all the way to Borevelli and Dadar for two of her classes. According to her, the worst time to travel by local train is during monsoon. With all the rain and carrying your raincoat and umbrella, the mud adds to it. While the actress struggled with trains, she used to relish Kailash Lassiwala outside Dadar station. More of Mumabiya lassi than Punjabi, it was still her favourite.

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