What’s The Difference Between Punjab & Mumbai Lassi? Tejasswi Prakash Spills The Lassi | Curly Tales

by Ananya Singh
What’s The Difference Between Punjab & Mumbai Lassi? Tejasswi Prakash Spills The Lassi | Curly Tales

Words fail to describe this beautiful lady, who won hearts during her stay on Bigg Boss 15. First, she came out victorious, lifted the trophy and now, in a tell-tale account, expressed her love for food on this episode of Curly Tales with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief. Here is the chat from an episode of Tere Gully Mein with Tejasswi Prakash about her relationship with Karan Kundrra and Punjab di lassi!

Tejasswi Prakash And Her Favourite Mumbai Lassi

Her love for South Mumbai is evident when she recalls having a vada pav while enjoying Mumbai locals. She tells us how she used to grab a vada pav and just relish it on the train while travelling. One of the favou1rite food spots for the Naagin 6 actress is at the Dadar station. She tells us, “So if you go to Dadar station, especially on the west side, you get out. There’s this very popular lassi wala. He’s so good. He’s so so good.” 

Well, its Kailash Lassiwala. Though it’s a very tiny place, he makes a lot of glasses of lassi with a big plate of malai that he puts in all the glasses. Tejasswi Prakash loves a lot of malai in her lassi. No doubt, she is so sweet!

Punjabi Or Mumbaiya Lassi?

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While the actress relishes having malai wali lassi from Dadar station, she tells us how it is not the ideal way of having the lassi. We all know how Punjab-da-puttar Karan Kundrra is the love of her life. So how will Tejasswi not have Punjabi lassi and food? She tells us, “Lassi is ideally from Punjab, and they don’t drink it like that. But our Mumbai version of lassi is not very patla. It’s very thick with lots of malai.”

When Kamiya asked her when she went to Pubjab with Karan, what was the difference between Dadar and Punjab lassi,  Tejasswi Prakash laughs and shares, “Punjab lassi is how a lassi should be. And Mumbai lassi is anything but that. So Punjab lassi is very patla, but Mumbai people like their lassi to be thick.”

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Well, Tejasswi Prakash is the person who believes your body is not made in the gym. It’s made in the kitchen. Watch the video linked above to know how much of a foodie she is.

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