Telangana Govt Enforces Ban On Gutka, Pan Masala With Tobacco & Nicotine For A Year; Here’s Why

Read on to know the reason behind Telangana government banning gutka and pan masala containing tobacco and nicotine.

by Shreya Ghosh
Telangana Govt Enforces Ban On Gutka, Pan Masala With Tobacco & Nicotine For A Year; Here’s Why

There are many brands available in the markets selling gutka and pan masala. While we all are aware of the health effects, many still end up consuming all of these every day, multiple times. Now, the Telangana government took a strict decision and enforced a statewide ban on gutka and pan masala, that too with immediate effect. But why did the government authorities completely prohibit these in the state? Let’s find out!

Telangana Government Banned Gutka And Pan Masala Having Nicotine And Tobacco

Taking to the X platform, Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana (@cfs_telangana) announced the major news.

The Commissioner of Food Safety issued a notification stating the prohibition of manufacturing, storing, distributing, transporting, and selling any gutka and pan masala with nicotine and tobacco. The Telangana government implemented this ban with effect from May 24, 2024. The prohibition is announced for a duration of a year, starting from May 24.

Any kind of gutka and pan masala with harmful additions such as nicotine and tobacco packed in different types of packaging such as containers, sachets, pouches, “or by whatever name it is called” is prohibited in the entire State of Telangana. If you are wondering the reason behind the government banning these, here’s the answer to it.

The Telangana government took the decision to implement the ban on nicotine and tobacco-containing gutka and pan masala for public health, according to a report by The New Indian Express. The authorities came to the conclusion in the interest of public health. Following the ban strictly can help the people of the state to not have these unhealthy substances.

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What Are The Health Impacts?

Telangana Ban Gutka Pan Masala
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Consumption of gutka and pan masala can be extremely harmful and life-threatening. There are too many risks if someone regularly intakes all these things with nicotine and tobacco. From cardiovascular diseases to oral cancer, the risks of suffering from scary diseases are too high. In fact, it can impact badly on blood pressure and lead to serious health concerns such as heart attacks and stroke.

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It is high time for people to work hard to refrain from consuming gutka and pan masala.

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