Thailand To Waiver Visa Fees For Indians Till April 2019


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If travelling to Thailand was on your bucket list this year, do it quickly because it has waived visa fees for Indians till April 2019.

What Is It?

In the aim of boosting tourism, Thailand has decided to waiver visa on arrival fees for Indian citizens till April 2019. For the occasion of the Chinese new year in February and Thai New Year in April, Thailand is inviting tourists to celebrate the festivities. Along with India, the visa cost will be slashed for 20 other countries as well. You will be able to save nearly 2000 bahts, or ₹4358 approx considering your stay is limited to 15 days in Thailand. 

Thailand visa fees has been waived Thailand visa fees has been waived

Thailand visa fees has been waived

What To Expect?

The visa fees to Thailand have been slashed since Dec 2018 and the Thailand tourism board is expecting a 30% rise in tourism levels by April. Now all you have to do is get a plane ticket to Thailand and visa can be granted on arrival. Basically, it’s clear that Thailand is trying to win back the tourists after Maya Bay beach was shut due to over tourism earlier this year.

Curly Tales Visited Thailand

Taking advantage of the visa fees, Curly Tales recently visited Phuket, Thailand and had a great time. The girls trip was filled with amazing nightlife scenes, beachy parties and shopping! Want to check out the itinerary for Thailand? Watch the video below –

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