The Award-Winning Restaurant From Paris Has Now Opened In Dubai At This Address

by Anupriya Mishra
The Award-Winning Restaurant From Paris Has Now Opened In Dubai At This Address

Those who love seafood know that the taste of the ocean that floods one’s senses, as they bite into succulent pieces is unparalleled. And one of the most sought-after seafood options happens to be lobster. If you also happen to be someone who relishes lobster, then you are in for some big news as Homer Lobster has opened its first outlet in the UAE. Yes, with their shop in the heart of the city in the DIFC, this eatery offers a range of drool-worthy nibbles.

Homer Lobster Is Open In Dubai!

Homer Lobster, for those who aren’t aware, is an award-winning restaurant that offers lobster rolls. After gaining remarkable success in Paris, it has now opened its stores globally, including the first one in the DIFC area of Dubai. Inspired by the concept of sandwiches, Chef Moïse Sfez (the founder of the restaurant), combined street food culture with fine dining. Before diving into a menu boasting dishes that are a melting pot of flavours, you must take in the beautifully decked restaurant.

Featuring white and blue walls, the colourful furniture just adds to the cheery vibe of the restaurant, adding a gorgeous pop of colour to this place. Not to mention, there is also a rack of exclusive merches that you can browse through while waiting for your order.

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What’s On The Menu Here?

Talking about the menu, it features a range of toothsome dishes that is going to leave your foodie soul satiated. You will find plenty of delectable sandwiches that come in unique options, such as Lobster Roll & Crayfish, Tuna Melt, and even Salmon Pastrami. Not to mention, the menu also includes caviar and chips. And if you’re thinking about dessert, they’ve got you covered with their unique Nutella-filled sandwich. This toasty goodness has a generous filling of Nutella that is every dessert lover’s dream come true

So, the next time you are in the area and are craving some sophisticated sandwiches, Homer Lobster is definitely a place that you would want to check out.

Where: Precinct Building 05 – Floor 02 – DIFC – Dubai
When: 10 am to 10 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/homerlobster.uae